Persici, Celso, 1895-1988

Celso Persici.

A short biography of Italian anarchist bricklayer Celso Persici, who fought fascism across Europe and in Morocco, by his son.

Zazzi, Maria, 1904-1993

Maria Zazzi

A short biography of life-long Italian anarchist militant Maria Zazzi.

Seize power or seize the factory? - Amadeo Bordiga

Amadeo Bordiga's commentary on the Italian factory occupation movement in 1920 as well as his view for how the movement should move forward. We do not agree with it but reproduce it for reference.

Class struggle and "bosses' offensives" - Amadeo Bordiga

Amadeo Bordiga's critique of revisionist forms of Marxism arguing against reformism and in favour an offensive communist politics.

Towards the establishment of workers' councils in Italy - Amadeo Bordiga

Demonstration in Rome during the Biennio Rosso.

Bordiga's contribution to communist theories of the role of the workers party in pushing forward workers councils as a method of class organisation.

Towards a gay communism - Mario Mieli

Gay communism

The last chapter of Mario Mieli's book Homosexuality & Liberation published in Italian in the 1970s, which summarises many of the Marxism and psychoanalysis-influenced ideas of the Italian gay liberation movement.

Confronting the crisis of 'fordism': Italian debates around social transition - Steve Wright

FIAT Strike in “Hot Autumn” of '69 Turin, Italy.

Steve Wright's in-depth look at views of the Italian workerists on the working class response to Fordism and its effects on class composition.

A party of autonomy? - Steve Wright

Steve Wright's analysis of the Leninist tendencies remaining in Italian Operaismo and "explore, in a critical manner, the debate over the party-form played out within and around the groups of Autonomia Operaia during the late seventies".