Union leaders suspend Alitalia strikes

Following wildcat strikes over the weekend which downed flights, Alitalia SpA union leaders said they would "suspend'' a 24-hour strike planned for Jan 23 after the government offered to discuss complaints about longer shifts, decreasing job security and the sale of a unit.

Wildcat walkouts over restructuring ground flights in Italy

Alitalia cancelled 44 flights today due to continued labour unrest, the second day in a row Italy's struggling national carrier has had to scrap flights because of wildcat walkouts.

Take over the city: community struggle in Italy - Lotta Continua

Excellent article from Lotta Continua about different struggles of workers in their local areas in 1973. It covers self-reduction of prices, squatting and more.

Di Canio in fascist salute ban

Paolo Di Canio has been banned for one game and fined £7,000 by the Italian FA for making a fascist salute.

Towards the establishment of workers' councils in Italy (1920)

Workers' council in Cerignola, Italy, 1920.

Amadeo Bordiga's contribution to a programme of setting up workers' councils in Italy as a way of surpassing the reformist trade unions.

The limits of Negri's class analysis: Italian autonomist theory in the seventies - Steve Wright

Steve Wright's critical analysis of Negri's ideas.

Fiaschi, Goliardo, 1930-2000

Goliardo Fiaschi

A biography of Italian anarchist and anti-fascist partisan and book seller Goliardo Fiaschi.

Lucetti, Gino, 1900-1943

Gino Lucetti

A short biography of the Italian anarchist, Gino Lucetti, who tried to assassinate the world’s first fascist dictator, Benito Mussolini, in 1926.

Marzocchi, Umberto, 1900-1986

Umberto Marzocchi.

A short biography of Italian anarchist shipyard worker Umberto Marzocchi who fought Mussolini's fascists in Italy, Franco's in Spain and Hitler's in France.

Mastrodicasa, Leonida, 1888-1942

Leonida Mastrodicasa

A short biography of Italian anarchist metal worker, Spanish Civil War and French Resistance fighter Leonida Mastrodicasa, who died in a Nazi concentration camp in 1942.