Ivory Coast

French West African Rail Workers Strike: 1947-48

In 1947 rail workers in French West Africa (Senegal, Benin, Ivory Coast and Guinea) struck throughout the region in protest over a discriminatory benefit regime.

Tanzania miners: digging their own graves

A new report into the mining industry in Tanzania has exposed endemic corruption, displacement of the poor, environmental destruction and deteriorating working conditions in the poverty-stricken country as international corporations clean up.

Ivory coast workers win cocoa strike

Workers across the cocoa industry in Ivory Coast have gone back to work after winning a strike action which brought shipments to a standstill at the beginning of January.

Ivory Coast: Medical strike enters ninth day

The all-out strike, with no minimum service, continues, leaving hospitals practically deserted.

Ivory Coast: primary school teachers continue strike

The strike, which originally began in November and was suspended in January, came back into effect on the 14th of June.

Ivory Coast: hospital workers win strike over benefits and bonuses

Workers at the University hospital in Treichville have ended a three-week strike after management agreed a series of concessions.

Ivory Coast: customs and tax officers strike

Tax officers and customs officers launched strikes this week to demand payment of bonuses.

Ivory Coast: 57 workers fired for wildcat strike

Wood workers in the Ivory Coast

Earlier this week wood workers at Ivory Coast firm SMCI were accused by their boss of going on a wildcat strike, and fired.