Teamsters Raid On IWW Drive Fails

An article about an attempted Teamster raid on an IWW campaign in New York. Originally appeared in the Industrial Worker (December 2005).

Digging into IWW history: South Africa – John Philips

A brief history of the South African Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) by John Philips. Originally appeared in the Industrial Worker (October 1976)

European syndicalism and the IWW

A 1933 reply by Ralph Chaplin to, seemingly, Spanish anarchist Maximiliano Olay, about the differences between the CNT and the IWW.

North-East of the US : class struggle unionism and social issues

This article presents, this time, the current situation of American unionism and its history and provides an overview of the activities of the revolutionary syndicalists of the Industrial Workers of the World.

Raid on IWW at Boulder Dam

An article from the July 18, 1931 issue of the Industrial Worker describing the arrest of IWW member, Frank Anderson, who was organizing workers at the Boulder Dam (later called Hoover Dam) project.

Thompson and Cogan debate opportunism

An article by x22063 describing a 1932 debate between Fred Thompson of the IWW and J. Cogan of the Communist Party USA-aligned Trade Union Unity League, in Duluth, Minnesota. Originally appeared in the Industrial Worker, March 8, 1932 (Vol. 14, No. 60, Whole No. 793).

"Communism" not a name only - Recidivus

A scathing article by Recidivus about the Workers Party of America, the legal, above-ground party of the Communist Party USA during the early to late 1920s.

Big IWW drive is on in Detroit

An account of the Briggs strike in Detroit by L.B. Originally appeared in Industrial Worker March 21, 1933, Vol. 14, No. 114, Whole No. 847.

April 1918 Vol 1 No 7