Are these the ideas of a heretic? - Gustav Landauer

Gustav Landauer

Like many other Jewish intellectuals of his day who sought to identify themselves as Jews, Landauer was estranged from the Jewish religion and communal institutions on the one hand, and yet was not satisfied with merely ethnic identification on the other. He was inspired by Martin Buber and his concept of a primal Jewish religiosity or spiritual sensibility that is independent of doctrine and ritual prescriptions.

No true human being can consider himself merely as a bridge for coming generations, as a preface, as seed and fertilizer. He wants to be somebody and to accomplish something. The mother tongue of some of my offspring will perhaps be Hebrew, perhaps; it does not affect me. My language and the language of my children is German.

A voice from the aliens: about the anti-alien resolution of the Cardiff Trade Union Congress

Voice from the Aliens cover image

No One Is Illegal's 2006 reprint of the first known leaflet against immigration controls, produced by Jewish textile workers in 1895.

We, the organised Jewish workers of England, taking into consideration the Anti-Alien Resolution, and the uncomplimentary remarks of certain delegates about the Jewish workers specially, issue this leaflet, wherewith we hope to convince our English fellow workers of the untruthfulness, unreasonableness, and want of logic contained in the cry against the foreign worker in general, and against the J

Zionism, demography and women's work - Avishai Ehrlich

A Marxist analysis on the role of women workers in Israeli society, showing how zionist colonisation affected the inequality of women who were used as a reserve source of labour whenever a shortage in the workforce threatened to hamper zionist goals.

Zionism, demography and women's work1 - Avishai Ehrlich

  • 1. This article is a result of work done with D. Hecht and N. Yuval-Davis, whose views were expressed in Khamsin 6. Although some of our ideas were developed together, I am solely responsible for the views expressed in this article.

The Makhnovshchina and Anti-Semitism- Nestor Makhno

A series of complaints about the pervasiveness of the allegations that the Makhnovschina where anti semitic and a list of the efforts gone to to disprove them.

For the past seven years, almost, the enemies of the Makhnovist revolutionary movement have wallowed in so many lies about it that one might marvel that these people do not take a red face, once in a while at least.

To the Jews of all Countries- Nestor Makhno

In response to frequent accusations of anti-Semitism and leading pogroms against Jewish settlements in the Ukraine Nestor Makhno began a series of appeals to Jewish press and societies asking for verifiable information.

Jewish citizens!

Ideology without revolution: Jewish women in Israel - Dina Hecht and Nira Yuval-Davis

In-depth article on the historic role of women in the zionist movement and the development of feminism in Israel.

Ideology without revolution: Jewish women in Israel - Dina Hecht and Nira Yuval-Davis


'In the State of Israel almost every woman is a working woman.
  • 1. The authors acknowledge fruitful discussions with A. Ehrlich and are grateful to him for allowing them to make use of material contained in an article by him which he intends to publish in a forthcoming issue of Khamsin.

On The Jewish Question - Karl Marx

Bruno Bauer,
The Jewish Question,
Braunschweig, 1843

The German Jews desire emancipation. What kind of emancipation do they desire? Civic, political emancipation.

The street where God did not strike down Feigenbaum

Ruderman (back row, right)

A short account of anarchist connections to Hanbury Street in the East End of London.

The article A Rose By Any Other Name (here at libcom) dealt with Rose Street (later Manette Street) in central London and its continuing links with anarchism.

Echoes of Ferrer in an East End back street

Helena Applebaum with Lou

An anarchist history of Fieldgate Street in the East End of London

Before the Jewish anarchists in the East End started to meet at the Sugar Loaf pub in Hanbury Street, they conducted regular meetings at the King’s Arms pub at 16 Fieldgate Street until it closed in 1892.

Zionism and its scarecrows - Moshé Machover and Mario Offenberg

Theodor Herzl.

Article looking at how supporters of Zionism, in their attempt to fluster their critics, present ‘left-wing’ arguments in support of the Israeli state, while also attacking the anti­-Zionist socialist movement inside Israel. Also contains excellent information on anti-semitism within Zionism.

Zionism and its scarecrows1

  • 1. Khamsin 6, 1978, pp33–59. This is a translation of an article entitled ‘Der Zionismus und sein Popanz: Eine Antwort an die „linken” Zionisten’, published in the German journal Probleme des Klassenkampfs, vol. 19/20/21, 1975, pp299–327.