‘Shema Israel!’: The EDL Jewish Division

The EDL are to launch a Jewish division which should please some of their less tolerant members.

Antiracist demo attacked by fascists in Athens

A local antiracist demo in Ampelokipoi, Athens, came under attack by fascist thugs, leading to the hospitalisation of one woman. More than 40 fascists have been detained. The attack marks a climax of fascist violence which has also led to the torching of Chania's Synagogue.

Race and the Enlightenment part II: The Anglo-French Enlightenment and beyond

American left communist Loren Goldner's history of the origins of race and racism. Part Two of Two.

Race and the Enlightenment part I: From anti-semitism to white supremacy, 1492-1676

American left communist Loren Goldner's history of the origins of race and racism. Part One of Two.

Zionism against Jews, Jews against Zionism

Pamphlet on the nationalist character of Zionism and the need for an anti-Zionism that is genuinely anti-capitalist.

Anti-Semitism and the Makhnovists - Michael Malet

Malet finds that - despite false allegations - Makhno was not anti-Semitic and that incidents of anti-Semitism among the Makhnovists were less than in rival military forces, including the Bolshevik Red Army.

Gutman, [Gotman] Iosif I. aka Iosif the Emigrant, 1890-1920

A short biography of Russian Jewish anarchist Iosif the Emigrant who was a strong advocate of close cooperation between the anarchist movement and the Makhnovists

Review of Return: the case against Zionism - The Red Menace

Review of the March 1989 issue of the anti-zionist magazine Return.

A review of Joe Jacob's "Out of the Ghetto" - Red and Black Notes

Review of Out of the Ghetto Joe Jacobs, London: Phoenix Press, 1991 (originally published in 1977). For a review of this book by Al Richardson, see here - A chapter from Out of the Ghetto is here -

Sacha Piotr (Sascha Pjotr) aka Alexander Shapiro aka Sergei 1889/1890-1942(?)

Sacha Piotr.

A short biography of the obscure figure of Ukrainian anarchist Sacha Piotr-real name Alexander Schapiro, active in the Ukraine, Russia, Belgium, France and Germany. He fought with the anarchists in Spain and was murdered by the Nazis in Auschwitz. Father of the gifted mathematican Alexander Grothendieck.