job losses

Troubled airline Alitalia sold

Italian national airline Alitalia, after a long period of agony, will survive at the expense of its workers and taxpayers.

When Alitalia started going bankrupt because of its irreparable debts, the Italian government instead of selling it to the first aspirant buyer – that is Air France - decided to reject its extremely convenient offer thinking that they could have saved the national airline by some ingenious stratagem.

Construction workers occupy factory in Chicago

Angry United Electrical union members, including many immigrants, have occupied their Chicago window factory demanding an improved severance package.

They are demanding the government help out struggling workers and that their employer, Republic Windows, award the workers a severance package as well as compensating them for unused vacation hours.

Workers who got three days notice that their factory was shutting its doors have occupied the building and say they won't go home without assurances they'll get severance and vacation pay.

More wildcats at Brighton bin depot

Bin workers in Brighton staged a wildcat walkout yesterday and have threatened strikes in the new year in protest of new rounds and redundancies.

Dozens of staff were sent home yesterday after a two-hour sit-in at Brighton and Hove City Council’s Hollingdean depot. Amid mounting tension, GMB union officials said it would be balloting its members on industrial action for the new year.

New round of cuts hit news media

Union activity remains low in the media as more job losses are announced across the industry following a continuing advertising slump and falling profits - but more workforces are beginning to stand up to be counted.

Several newspaper and other media titles have announced more cuts are to be made in the industry as it goes through the largest mass cull of reporting staff of the last decade in the face of falling advertising revenues and readership.

Chinese factory workers riot

overturned police car in Dongguan.

More unrest in China following further layoffs in the industrial heartland.

Over 500 rioted yesterday at a toy factory in Dongguan, on the Pearl River Delta in southern China, over pitiful severance payments handed out to 596 workers laid off this month.

Unpaid textile workers clash with riot police in Athens

Textile workers from 4 factories of the Lanaras Industry marched in Athens to demand 4 months unpaid wages, delivery of funding promises by the state and recall of 1,200 layoffs. Efforts to enter the Ministry of Economics were met with police repression.

On the 24th of October 2008, textile workers from 4 factories of the Lanaras Industry which are facing immediate close-down in northern Greece marched against the Ministry of Economics in Athens, demanding a recall of 1,200 planned layoffs, immediate payment of 4 months unpaid wages and delivery of the 35m euros to help the factories function again.

230 Sheffield steel workers to lose jobs

Finnish metals group Outokumpu Oyj said Friday it will close a stainless steel plant in Sheffield, England - laying off all 230 workers - because of oversupply. Its stock surged 14 percent.

“The market for stainless precision strip is oversupplied and this business in Sheffield has been loss-making for several years,” the world’s No. 2 stainless steel maker said. “The proposal is part of Outokumpu’s performance improvement actions to ensure global competitiveness.”

Anarcho-syndicalism in Puerto Real: From shipyard resistance to community control

Striking shipyard workers fight with police, Puerto Real 1987

An account of resistance to shipyard closures in Puerto Real, Spain, that lead to community wide involvement, with the anarcho-syndicalist union CNT playing both a prominent and decisive role.

Australia: Journalists to strike against job cuts

After the announcement that 550 jobs would be cut by Fairfax Media in Australia and New Zealand on August 26th, journalists at The Age (Melbourne, Australia) and Sydney Morning Herald newspapers have decided to go on strike until Monday.

A Fairfax spokeswoman announced that both papers would come out on Friday, but refused to comment on whether weekend papers would be affected.

Arnie terminates California state workers

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed an executive order to sack 22,000 state workers and reduce 200,000 to the minimum wage.

California has one of the world's largest economies, but facing a budget deficit of more than $15bn (£7.6bn) Mr Schwarzenegger is seeking to shift the costs onto public sector workers.