Joe Jacobs

Sorting out the postal strike - Joe Jacobs

Joe Jacobs investigates the 1971 United Kingdom postal workers strike, which was the country's first national postal strike. Published as Solidarity pamphlet number 36.

This pamphlet was written by a worker recently dismissed from the Post Office as a result of an injury on the job. He had worked in the Post Office for some time and remained in close contact with the strikers throughout the dispute.


A review of Joe Jacob's "Out of the Ghetto" - Red and Black Notes

Review of Out of the Ghetto Joe Jacobs, London: Phoenix Press, 1991 (originally published in 1977). For a review of this book by Al Richardson, see here - A chapter from Out of the Ghetto is here -

It might seem curious to be reviewing a book that was posthumously published more than twenty years ago. Curiouser still, that in this age of the dismissal of the working class as a force for change this book deals exclusively with working class, predominately Jewish, life in the East End of London in the years between the first and second world wars.

The organisation question - Joe Jacobs

After Camatte/Collu's 'On Organisation' was published in Detroit in 1974 there was a debate about it over several issues in Fifth Estate. Joe Jacobs, a former Solidarity(UK) member, had been reflecting on the 'organisation question' for a long time prior to reading this debate and he sent them a contribution partly based on some previous writings. Before it could be published in June 1977 he died.

Fifth Estate June l977 Vol.12 No.7 (283)

The Battle of Cable St, 1936 - Joe Jacobs

Joe Jacobs was in 1936 a local Communist Party activist in London's East End. This is his account of his involvement in the famous defence of the East End against an attempted march by Mosley's fascists.

Joe describes events leading up to the march, including the changes in the CP leadership's tactics as they finally realised their calls for a peaceful demonstration elsewhere would be ignored. His account corrects false impressions later created by official Communist versions of the events.

A review of Joe Jacob's 'Out of the Ghetto' - Al Richardson

A review of the late Joe Jacob's excellent autobiography. Growing up in London's Jewish East End, Joe was variously a Communist Party militant, anti-fascist, Trotskyist, and in his later years a member of the Solidarity libertarian socialist group.

Originally published in Vol. 5, No. 1 of the Trotskyist journal Revolutionary History.
Reprinted in Echanges et Mouvement no 80/81, 1996.

(A chapter from Out of the Ghetto is here;


Under new management? The Fisher-Bendix occupation - Solidarity

Solidarity's excellent eyewitness account, with background information, of the Fisher-Bendix factory and offices against closure in 1972. The workers also implemented certain new aspects of work policy.

The workers at Fisher-Bendix, Kirkby near Liverpool, occupied the entire factory and offices on Wednesday, January 5, 1972. This action by all the workers, manual and non-manual, represents an advanced form of struggle.