Joe Jacobs

The UK coalminers’ dispute, 1973-4

Miners picket a colliery in Doncaster, 1974

A short account of the national coal miners’ dispute in the winter of 1973-4 which led to the three-day week, the collapse of the Conservative government and a 35% pay increase for the miners.

Invergordon mutineer by Len Wincott review - Joe Jacobs

Invergordon mutineer book

Joe Jacobs of Solidarity reviews a book written by a leading Invergordon mutineer about the strike in 1931.

Footnotes added by Liz Willis, 2011.

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Sorting out the postal strike - Joe Jacobs

Joe Jacobs investigates the 1971 United Kingdom postal workers strike, which was the country's first national postal strike. Published as Solidarity pamphlet number 36.

A review of Joe Jacob's "Out of the Ghetto" - Red and Black Notes

Review of Out of the Ghetto Joe Jacobs, London: Phoenix Press, 1991 (originally published in 1977). For a review of this book by Al Richardson, see here - A chapter from Out of the Ghetto is here -

The organisation question - Joe Jacobs

After Camatte/Collu's 'On Organisation' was published in Detroit in 1974 there was a debate about it over several issues in Fifth Estate. Joe Jacobs, a former Solidarity(UK) member, had been reflecting on the 'organisation question' for a long time prior to reading this debate and he sent them a contribution partly based on some previous writings. Before it could be published in June 1977 he died.

The Battle of Cable St, 1936 - Joe Jacobs

Joe Jacobs was in 1936 a local Communist Party activist in London's East End. This is his account of his involvement in the famous defence of the East End against an attempted march by Mosley's fascists.

A review of Joe Jacob's 'Out of the Ghetto' - Al Richardson

A review of the late Joe Jacob's excellent autobiography. Growing up in London's Jewish East End, Joe was variously a Communist Party militant, anti-fascist, Trotskyist, and in his later years a member of the Solidarity libertarian socialist group.

Under new management? The Fisher-Bendix occupation - Solidarity

Solidarity's excellent eyewitness account, with background information, of the Fisher-Bendix factory and offices against closure in 1972. The workers also implemented certain new aspects of work policy.