Jonathan Payn

Beating back the bureaucrats - Jonathan Payn

An article by Jonathan Payn that focuses mostly on a recent initiative called Bloque Sindical de Base in Argentina.

To vote or not to vote: should it be a question?

This article looks at the upcoming elections in South Africa on the 7th of May. As part of this, it looks at the dangers of activists promoting parties and electing to vote for one party or another, and how this creates and feeds into illusions in and about the state.

Towards a truly democratic left: An anarchist assessment of the DLF at COP17

Jonathan Payn, from the Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front (ZACF), argues that the Democratic Left Front (DLF), an attempt to unite the left in South Africa, is a top down, undemocratic and middle class dominated structure that needs to be democratised.