Propagandist - what the papers said about anarchism and G20

In the absence of a realistic threat to the status quo from Islamic fundamentalists, the state has tentatively been trying to paint anarchists as a parallel and growing internal threat to the nation.

Despite minimal evidence, the conjecture of the police that a major anarchist atrocity is inevitable has been taken almost verbatim by the mainstream media and was pushed even further during the G20, with several ludicrous stories appearing about what the movement might get up to appearing.

Rob Ray picks some of the best for Freedom.

Daily Mail

Not, for once, the most hysterical voice around – an honour which must go to the Evening Standard. However their suggestion that activists ‘pelted police with bottles as they tried to save a dying protester’, echoed uncritically from the police report by every other major paper, was among the most vicious libels to appear.

Morning Star journalists win pay rise

Journalists at Britain's 'daily paper of the left' have won a decisive victory over bosses who claimed they were 'betraying their class' by fighting for fair pay.

The sub-editors and reporters at the historic newspaper, which has a solid reputation backing workers fighting back, won their claim for a £19,000 a year minimum wage.

Bosses at the paper had offered the workers just a 3 per cent rise for the 2008 pay deal — effectively a pay cut as last year's average inflation rate was 4 per cent — claiming that there was no cash to pay more.

Yorkshire journalists to strike over job losses

Journalists in Leeds are to hold two four-day strikes over job cuts.

NUJ members on the Yorkshire Post and Yorkshire Evening Post voted overwhelmingly for action in a ballot after the company said three photographers faced compulsory redundancy. The first strike will start in a week's time. The Johnston Press-owned titles are facing 18 job cuts in total.

The vote in the secret postal ballot was 109 for strike action – three against.

Occupation of news editors union HQ in Athens

ESIEA, the Union of News Editors HQ have been occupied by radical journalists and transformed into a counterinformation center and anti-spectacle forum.

On Saturday 10/1/09 in Athens radical reporters and journalists have occupied the HQ of the Union of Athens Daily Press Editors (ESIEA) which functions as a control institution regarding journalism across the country. The squatters have called for a series of open assemblies to discuss the nature and problems of broadcasting and reporting December's insurgency and its aftermath.

Korean workers ring in new year with strike for press freedom

Media workers demonstrate outside the national assembly, 30 December

Media workers have launched a general strike against a new set of state laws which they claim will enable the government to seize control of the press.

Thousands have been on strike since late December against the South Korean government's package of seven laws, the so-called MB laws, which they claim will restrict press freedom.

Around 4000 workers have joined the stoppage, from 74 newspaper and broadcasting companies, called by the the National Union of Media Workers.

Resistance to job cuts at the University of Salford gathers steam

Around 150 job losses have been forecast by opponents as part of large cuts across the university, along with the slashing of courses and funding.

The job losses and cuts to courses and infrastructure stem from the ‘project headroom’ program currently being pushed through by university management, which aims to claw back £12.5 million for the university budget.

Freedom newspaper copy dates - 2009

Copy dates for the anarchist newspaper Freedom for next year - send submissions to freedomeds - puttheatsigninhere -

Issue no----Issue date (Saturday)-----Copy deadline

7001--------17th January---------------- 8th January
7002-------- 31st January--------------- 22nd January
7003-------- 14th February------------- 5th February
7004-------- 28th February------------- 19th February
7005-------- 14th March----------------- 5th March
7006-------- 28th March----------------- 19th March

New round of cuts hit news media

Union activity remains low in the media as more job losses are announced across the industry following a continuing advertising slump and falling profits - but more workforces are beginning to stand up to be counted.

Several newspaper and other media titles have announced more cuts are to be made in the industry as it goes through the largest mass cull of reporting staff of the last decade in the face of falling advertising revenues and readership.

Reporter kidnapped and tortured in Oaxaca

Earlier demonstration in Oaxaca

In the increasingly tense climate of repression against the social movement which has been escalating these past couple of weeks, a journalist from the Noticias newspaper was abducted by security forces.

By Scott Campbell

Pedro Matias, a well-known reporter who writes for Noticias, a local daily paper, as well as the national weekly Proceso, was kidnapped, beaten, tortured and robbed on Saturday night in Oaxaca. Reporters Without Borders states that,

Australia: Journalists to strike against job cuts

After the announcement that 550 jobs would be cut by Fairfax Media in Australia and New Zealand on August 26th, journalists at The Age (Melbourne, Australia) and Sydney Morning Herald newspapers have decided to go on strike until Monday.

A Fairfax spokeswoman announced that both papers would come out on Friday, but refused to comment on whether weekend papers would be affected.