Left-wing splinter parties in the Weimar Republic

A 1974 dissertation on various left-wing radical groups in Weimar Republic era Germany.


The Second Congress of the KAPD


As there has been a gap in this series of articles on the German Left, we will take the opportunity to go over the content of some of the previous articles:

Solidarity: for workers' power (Aberdeen) #03

Issue 3 of the magazine of Solidarity (Aberdeen) with articles on Consolidated Pneumatic, the KAPD and the German revolution, housing in Aberdeen, technology and workers' control. From around 1968.


Paul Mattick and Council Communism - Claudio Pozzoli

Notes by Claudio Pozzoli on Paul Mattick, council communism and in particular its differences with left communism.

The following pages do not constitute an attempt to provide an exhaustive analysis and interpretation of “council communism”, nor are they intended to situate Paul Mattick within the context of the current discussion concerning capitalism’s structural changes and the limits of the “mixed economy”.

Interventions by the KAPD at the 3rd Congress of the Communist International, 1921

Interventions by delegates of the left communist KAPD (Communist Workers Party of Germany) at the Congress of the Third International.

From the Wage Slave X website

KAPD Report from Moscow

Report from the Congress of the Third International in Moscow by Otto Ruhle of the Communist Workers Party of Germany (KAPD).

I travelled illegally to Russia. The business was difficult and dangerous; but it succeeded. On 16th June I stepped on to Russian soil: on the 19th I was in Moscow.

The councilist movement in Germany (1914-1935): A history of the AAUD-E tendency

Article tracing the origins and theoretical development of the 'unitary' current of the General Workers' Union of Germany.

I. The Tendency’s Origins: From the First World War to the Defeat of the 1918 November Revolution

Extracts from the Leading Principles of the KAI

Extracts from the 1922 'Leading Principles' of the Communist Workers' International.

When Rühle envisaged a Fourth International in Moscow and Us (September 1920), the political current of “council communism” had several hundred thousand adherents in Germany, a figure which would decline to 20,000 in 1923, and then would be reduced to a few hundred when Hitler took power.

What does the Communist Workers Union want? - KAUD

1932 statement of the Communist Workers Union of Germany (Kommunistische Arbeiter-Union Deutschlands) on its perspective and purpose.


World war and revolution have clearly and unambiguously shown the proletariat that in its struggle against the bourgeoisie and capitalism it needs organizations of a kind that must have nocommon interests with the bourgeoisie.

Guidelines of the AAUD-E

Guidelines of the General Workers' Union Unitary Organisation, as presented at the Fourth Conference of the General Workers' Union of Germany in June 1920


  • 1. These theses comprised one of two projects proposed by the opposition within the AAUD. They were presented by the East Saxony and Hamburg districts at the Fourth Conference of the AAUD (June 1920), were adopted as definitive “guidelines” by the first autonomous conference of the opposition in October, and were published in Die Aktion No. 41/21, 1921.