Karl Korsch

Review of “Karl Marx” by Karl Korsch - Paul Mattick

Living Marxism cover

Paul Mattick Sr.'s 1939 review, from Living Marxism, of Karl Korsch' biography simply titled Karl Marx, first published in English in 1938. Mattick finds the biography largely relevant to proletarian revolution, yet critiques Korsch for his misreading of Lenin.

Evolution of the Problem of the Political Workers Councils in Germany - Karl Korsch

Karl Korsch on problems with the workers' councils in the German revolution, written in 1921.

Karl Marx - Karl Korsch

Karl Marx

Left communist Karl Korsch's detailed biography of Karl Marx.

The Marxism of Karl Korsch - Paul Mattick

Paul Mattick on the socialist politics of Karl Korsch.

The Crisis of Marxism - Karl Korsch

Karl Korsch

Korsch's 1931 essay discusses Marxism's crisis as an imbalance between its "theoretical expression" and "the practical needs of the proletarian class struggle" - and seeks to account for it in the historical development of Marxism from an evolving "radical critique" into an ideological "scientific system".

Karl Korsch in Spain - Paul Piccone

Paul Piccone on libertarian marxist Karl Korsch in Spain. In PDF format.

Ideology and Superstructure in Historical Materialism - Franz Jakubowski

Apparently freely available online for the first time here, this 1930s book is far less well known than its subject matter. With an admirable clarity of style, Jakubowski provides a summary of the main themes of Lukacs' History and Class Consciousness and Korschs' Marxism and Philosophy (Korsch was a personal friend of Jakubowski.)

Karl Korsch: a Marxist friend of anarchism - A.R. Giles-Peters

A look at the life of Marxist theoretician Karl Korsch, and the relevance of his theoretical work to anarchism.

Lenin's philosophy - Karl Korsch

Karl Korsch on the philosophy of Lenin, written in 1938.