Karl Marx

"Marx's Concept of Intrinsic Value" by Andrew Kliman

This essay delves into the often misunderstood topic of Marx's distinction between value and exchange-value. From Historical Materialism 6, Summer 2000.

Karl Marx on alienated labour

An extract from Marx's 1844 Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts on the process of alienation of the worker from their work.

Marx on the piss; a London pub crawl with Karl Marx in the late 1850s - Wilhelm Liebknecht

An account by Liebknecht of a smashing drunken evening in London town, written some 40 years after the event...

Robert Stern's Commentary and Synopsis of Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit

Need help with the impossible Phenomenology of Spirit?

Money and Crisis: Marx as Correspondent of the New York Daily Tribune, 1856-57 - Sergio Bologna

Sergio Bologna on Marx's writings on capitalism and crisis in the world recession of 1856-58.

Back to the future - The continuing relevance of Marx - Martin Glaberman and Seymour Faber

Article by Martin Glaberman and Seymour Faber discussing the ongoing relevance of much of Karl Marx's work to the contemporary class struggle

Karl Marx and the Iroquois - Franklin Rosemont

Franklin Rosemont delves into Marx's Ethnological Notebooks and examines their significance and relevance towards today's communist movement.

Introduction to Marx's early writings - Lucio Colletti

The late Lucio Colletti discusses the content of Marx's early writings and how their late emergence influenced Marxism and the reinterpretation of Marx.

Written as an introduction to the Early Writings volume of the Penguin Marx Library; London, 1975.

Stirner, Feurbach, Marx and the Young Hegelians - David McLellan

A summary of Stirner's ideas and their strong impact on his fellow Young Hegelians. McLellan asserts that Stirner's influence on Marx has been under-estimated and that he "played a very important role in the development of Marx's thought by detaching him from the influence of Feuerbach", his static materialism and his abstract humanism. Stirner's critique of communism (which Marx considered a caricature) also obliged Marx to refine his own definition. Stirner's concept of the "creative ego" is also said to have influenced Marx's concept of "praxis".

Marx, theoretician of anarchism

Maximilien Rubel's 1973 article highlighting the libertarian elements within Marx's work and its importance to anarchism, regardless of Marx's lengthy critiques of famous anarchist theoreticians.