Kazakhstan: who ordered the killings and tortures?

Four years after the massacre of striking oil workers by security forces at Zhanaozen in western Kazakhstan, the campaign to unmask those who gave the orders goes on

"Roza is a leader: that's why they jailed her"


An interview with TATIANA M., an independent trade union activist in Kazakhstan, about the case of Roza Tuletaeva and other oil worker activists jailed after the 2011 strike and massacre at Zhanaozen

Support Pussy Riot by all means. But support the Kazakh oil workers too

Kazakh oil workers on strike, July 2011

A campaign is building to free oil worker activists jailed in Kazakhstan, where last year's strike culminated in a massacre that left at least 16 dead and 64 wounded

Kazakh union leaders facing threat of abduction by the state

Union leaders from Kazakhstan are seeking support and solidarity as they face they very real and imminent threat of abduction by the state following their role in an oil workers strike last year, in which the Kazakh government massacred scores of striking workers.

Solidarity aid appeal for striking oil workers in Kazakhstan

An appeal for assistance for oil workers involved in a bitter and violent dispute with their state-owned employer.

Striking workers slaughtered in Kazakhstan

Police have opened fire on striking oil workers in Kazakhstan. Independent reports claim that up to seventy people have been killed, and five hundred injured.