Kenneth Rexroth

Resistance Vol. 6, No. 1 (May 1947)

The Vol. 6, No. 1 (May 1947) of Resistance, an anarchist publication produced out of New York.

Communalism: from its origins to the 20th century - Kenneth Rexroth

Kenneth Rexroth's history of radical and religious communes. Available in text and as a PDF.

Who Is Alienated From What?

A 1967 article examining the 'alienation' that the Situationists and other revolutionaries of the time were re-focusing on, as a driving force in modern life, as the irrationality of capitalism worked its way from impoverished communities to 'high culture'.

Poetry and Money

An essay by anarchist Kenneth Rexroth looking at the publishing industry, the Beat movement which he was influential in, and art-as-business.

The Demagogic Process

Rexroth, an anarchist influential on the Beat movement, writes about the global conflict of the Vietnam war era, the internal politics of the USSR, and the composition of the student and Black power movements at the time- focusing on how they related to the established Left, the mainstream population, and "displaced" people.

Black Writers, Black or White Readers

A short essay by American anarchist Kenneth Rexroth on racism, tokenization, and the recuperation of dissent.

Rexroth, Kenneth, 1905-1982

Kenneth Rexroth

A short biography of poet, anarchist and pioneer of the Beat movement Kenneth Rexroth.