Kolektivne Proti Kapitalu

ArcelorMittal: Fighting against closures? Intensify the struggle to make the boss pay! - Mouvement Communiste and Kolektivně proti kapitálu

Blast Furnace

This is the English translation of a leaflet distributed in Liège, Belgium at a steelworkers' demo organised by the unions on 26 Oct 2011.

Workers on the government and union slide: from one defeat to another so far - Kolektivně proti kapitálu & Mouvement Communiste

An analysis of the union protests against cuts in public spending in Czech in Autumn/Winter 2010.

Ever since the first days of this government's term in office it has been clear that it will attack working-class living standards (the coalition parties promised this even before the election). The employees of the public sector were just the first ones in line. According to the government plans workers as a whole are soon to become the victims of cuts and reforms.

L’Autonomie ouvrière frappe en Chine - Mouvement Communiste & Kolektivně Proti Kapitálu

La grève chez Honda Lock, juin 2010

The French version of the pamphlet by Mouvement Communiste & Kolektivně Proti Kapitálu about the wave of strikes in China in 2010.


Workers' autonomy strikes in China - Mouvement Communiste and Kolektivně proti kapitálu

Striking workers at Honda, Zhongshan, summer 2010

A pamphlet by Mouvement Communiste and Kolektivně proti kapitálu about the wave of strikes that swept the industrialised coast of China in the summer of 2010.


Some notes on, but not limited to, the transit strike of June 16, 2011 in Czech - Kolektivne proti kapitalu, Mouvement Communiste

the transport strike in Czech

A short text analyzing the transport strike which took place on 16th June 2011 in a protest against health and pension reform in Czech and its context.

The government did not retreat – not surprisingly

First strong points on the last revolts in Arab countries

Mouvement Communiste and Kolektivne Proti Kapitalu on the North African and Middle Eastern revolts of 2011.

First point

I love yellow monitors! The wildcat strike in Hyundai factory in Czech

Hyundai plant in the Czech Republic

An analysis of a wildcat work stoppage in Hyundai factory in Czech in December 2009 and its context. It was published in Tridni kniha (paper of Kolektivne proti kapitalu). It was distributed in front of the factory and posted by a Hyundai worker on a internet forum of Hyundai employees.

[b]When the strike broke out in Hyundai on 2 December and made factory monitors yellow as a sign of production stopping, it was a slap in the face for the bosses. But not only that. The cry of “I love yellow monitors!”, which appeared on the internet, says it all.

Unoffical strike in auto-sector in Czech

300 workers were on strike because of wages in factory owned by company Grammer in town Most (North Czech) today. The strike which was organized by workers themselves was started by morning shift and joined by afternoon shift.

Under the pressure of management strikers called off the strike during the afternoon, called strike emergency and promised that they will make up lost time during extraordinary shifts.