Kuwasi Balagoon

Anarchist Black Dragon: Volume 1, Issue 11, 1983(?)

Issue 11 of Anarchist Black Dragon, seemingly the last one produced. This issue has extensive reprints of other newspaper stories, as well as a letter from Kuwasi Balagoon continuing the debate on Black nationalism, updates on the Leonard Peltier case, Native American struggles and more.

Kuwasi Balagoon - A Soldier’s Story: Revolutionary Writings by a New Afrikan Anarchist

A collection of writings by and about Kuwasi Balagoon, a revolutionary anarchist and former member of the Black Panther Party and Black Liberation Army. This document was made available online by Library Machine Broke, and a revised and expanded version of the book can be bought from Kersplebedeb or PM Press.

Trial statement - Kuwasi Balagoon

The trial statement of Black Liberation Army member and later anarchist, Kuwasi Balagoon. Published as "Trial statement of New Afrikan Revolutionary Kuwasi Balagoon at the opening of the Brinks trial" in the 1990s. We do not agree with all of it, like the nationalism, but reproduce it for reference.