Leo Tolstoy

I Cannot Be Silent! - Leo Tolstoy

Members of an underground group awaiting execution

A response to the hanging of twenty peasants who had assaulted their landowner, this essay denounces capital punishment. Originally published July 15, 1908.

The State - Leo Tolstoy

A powerful essay on the criminality of the states and on their utter superfluity.

Patriotismo kaj Registaro - Lev Tolstoj

Eseo de Lev Tolstoj pri la interrillato de Patriotismo kaj Naciaj Statoj.

Patriotism and Government - Leo Tolstoy

One of Tolstoy many attacks on Patriotism, its role in warfare and prop for governments and states.

Anarchist Modernity: Cooperatism and Japanese-Russian Intellectual Relations in Modern Japan

Mid-nineteenth century Russian radicals who witnessed the Meiji Restoration saw it as the most sweeping revolution in recent history and the impetus for future global progress. Acting outside imperial encounters, they initiated underground transnational networks with Japan.

The kingdom of god is within you - Leo Tolstoy

The Kingdom of God is Within You is Leo Tolstoy's classic text of Christian anarchism.

Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910)

Leo Tolstoy

Galleani's critique of the Christian anarchism of Leo Tolstoy.

Two caricatures of anarchism: or Tolstoy revisited

Albert Meltzer's critique of the pacifist anarchism of Leo Tolstoy.