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Northern Ireland flag protests the politics of distraction

On December 3rd Belfast City Council decided, by 29 votes to 21, to reduce the number of days the Union flag was flown above the city hall from 365 to 17 days a year. Within minutes of the vote a protest of over 1000 loyalists broke through the rear gates and into the grounds of the city hall. One security guard and a number of police were injured.

Over 8 weeks later (as we go to press) we have witnessed disruption as a result of protests and roadblocks. There have been riots against the PSNI and a number of sectarian clashes particularly around the Short Strand area, often as protesters returned home to east Belfast.

The Leveller 11

May 2012 issue 11 of the monthly Leveller. Published by Organise!

The Leveller 10

April 2012 issue 10 of the monthly Leveller. Published by Organise!

The Leveller issue 9

The Leveller issue 9

The recent new format edition of the Leveller, March 2012, Issue 9 in PDF.

Rob the rich!

A call to arms to the working class from Jason Brannigan in The Leveller as the crisis bites and the rich continue to rob us blind.

We are told repeatedly that we must all pay for the ongoing crisis that capitalism finds itself in... Pension cuts, job losses, longer hours, worse pay, more taxes, less services, more privatisation, bail outs and subsidies for the rich and increased hardship and destitution for the working class and the poor.

We Will March... and then what?

Article from issue 6 of the Leveller on the We Will March student march in opposition to fees that was organised by the NUS-USI on the 6th April.

Wednesday the 6th of April saw Queen’s Students Union finally mobilise the student body against the imminent hike in university fees.

Congratulations Kate and Billy

Article from the latest issue of the Leveller congratulating the Royal couple who tied the knot today.

Organise! would like to extend our official congratulations to Britain’s most famous sweethearts, Kate Middleton and Prince Billy.

Fight the Cuts - F*ck the Elections

In March the Assembly voted through a cuts budget of over 4billion. Over £700 million will be cut from health and over £150 million from education. The people implementing these cuts are looking us to return them to power in May. Increasingly working class people are seeing through the illusion of democracy and refusing to vote. After all, it only encourages the bastards!

That time is upon us again, the time where we get to sit down and decide who is worthy of our vote, of representing us at Assembly and Council level. And, lucky citizens that we are, we’re spoiled for choice! We have been presented with a veritable smorgasbord of candidates of all shapes, sizes and political backgrounds.

Assessment as control: a teacher’s experience of the pecking order in schools.


A London teacher speaks about their own experience of the use of assessment as a form of social control in schools. From the spring 2010 issue of The Leveller.

Assessment is a normal and sometimes valuable part of education. There’s nothing wrong with checking whether some sort of training or education has achieved its goal of helping someone learn a new skill or a piece or knowledge. Indeed it is a necessary and vital part of many aspects of education. This article however, focuses on the reactionary uses of assessment in schools.

Defending education in 2009: London Anarchist Bookfair report

A brief report from the Leveller issue 3 about the 'Defending Education' meeting hosted by the Education Workers' Network at the 2009 London Anarchist Bookfair.

As part of the series of discussions during this years London Anarchist Bookfair, one discussion centred around issues facing workers in the education sector, particularly in light of the recession, and cuts being made left, right and centre.