Radical America #20.06: Facing AIDs

Constituent articles:

- Introduction
- Insuring profits from AIDS the economics of an epidemic (McGrath, Mark Sutcliffe, Bob)
- Race, sex, AIDS the construction of "Other" (Hammonds, Evelynn)
- Science fictions: The making of a medical model for AIDS (Whippen, Deb)
- To have without holding memories of life with a person with AIDS (Interrante, Joseph)

Radical America #19.02-3: The British miners strike 1984-85

Constituent articles:

- Introduction
- Police and thieves: The British miners' strike of 1984-85 (Field, John)
- The battle for Britain: Four contrasts in the Miners' Strike (Sutcliffe, Bob)
- We danced in the miners' hall: An interview with "Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners" (Goldsmith, Larry Flynn, Brian Sutcliffe, Bob)

Radical America #18.04: Social relations among women in the welfare state

Constituent articles:

- Introduction
- Mujeres libres: individuality and community organizing women during the Spanish Civil War (Ackelsberg, Martha)
- Spirits in the material world: Publishing, pornography and the gay male (Bronski, Michael)
- The publishing industry, the gay community and further comments on gay pornography: Interview with Michael Bronski

Police attack queers during the Stockholm Pride parade

During this years' Stockholm Pride, Swedish police attacked and manhandled queers protesting against the fact that cops get to have their own bloc in the Pride parade despite their continous involvement in violent deportations of queer refugees, hunting down of irregular migrants, as well as the fact that their presence make queer people feel unsafe at their own event.

During this years’ Stockholm Pride, the cops, the Armed Forces, the Prison and Probation Service yet again marched together other (similarly queer-phobic) parties and corporations under the slogan “We are family”. We are sick of their pinkwashing and them trying to score cheap political points with the general public. Cops aren’t family and they never will be.

Radical America #15.06: Reviewing Radical History

Constituent Items:

One more time: the "Undocumented" (Bustamante, Jorge A. Cockcroft, James D.)
Maedchen in uniform from repressive tolerance to erotic liberalization (Rich, B. Ruby)
Indians and the context of American history (O'Brien)
The origins of black politics (Gerber, David)
Votes for women (Gordon, Linda)

Radical America #13.04: Gay Politics in California

Constituent Items:

Defending gay rights the campaign against the Briggs initiative in California (Ward, Michael Freeman, Mark)
San Francisco courts and cops vs. gays (David, Pam Helmbold, Lois)
Lynn voices (Bates, Peter Costley, Bill Trachtman, Arnold)
Lynn in history (Faler, Paul)

Anarcha-feminism and the newer “woman question”

stacy questions the adequacy of the ideals of sisterhood and equality asking instead whether the power structures that have created the category of 'women' and all that is coercive about gender should be opposed.

Anarcha-Feminism and the Newer “Woman Question”
by stacy, aka sallydarity
sallydarity [at] yahoo [dot] com

Radical America #11.04: Gay Rights and the Left

Constituent Items:

Hosea Hudson a Negro Communist in the deep South (Painter, Nell Hudson, Hosea)
The founding of the Mattachine Society an interview with Henry Hay (Katz, Jonathan)
Poems (Oresick, Peter)
Dissent in the brotherhood organizing in the Teamsters Union (Rinaldi, Matthew)
Letter from Britain (Widgery, David)

Organize to resist anti-gay attacks and violence! - M1 Collective

Mark Carson Street Memorial

Summer’s here and that means celebrating; from annual Pride festivals and street parties to the recent Supreme Court’s striking down of the Federal anti-gay Defense of Marriage Act. There is a growing sense that people everywhere can be who we are, love who we choose, on our own terms and in our own ways. But a string of attacks and murders in New York City against gay men and women has shocked us!

No one thinks that homophobia and anti-Queer prejudices are gone, but the recent attacks should make us step back and take a close look at what is going on around us. In one horrible incident on May 17 of this year, Mark Carson, a young gay man was followed, harassed and then shot to death by a homophobe.

At your service: tales from community service part 2. Faggot till I die

Article about being queer and on community service in the UK, written by a participant.