Trans 101 for Wobblies, part 3: Awareness of widespread problems

Part 3 of the ongoing series by Boston IWW member Fey on Trans issues in the labour movement. Originally appeared here.

Trans 101 for Wobblies, part 2: Challenging assumptions & misconceptions

Part 2 in the series on Trans issues by Boston IWW member Fey, originally appeared here.

Refugees from Amerika: A Gay Manifesto

Called a Gay Manifesto, this is really Carl Wittman's personal views on being a Gay male in 1970. In addition to criticising homophobia it also criticises the attitudes and strategies of the Gay Lib movement and offers some alternatives. Also includes some very personal beliefs and observations.

Whatever Happened at the End-Up?

An account of queer workers at a gay bar in San Francisco organising in the IWW. From Tsunami #1 (March 1995). Photo via tumblr.

Trans 101 for Wobblies, part 1: Understanding basic terminology

A member of the Boston IWW drew up this introduction to Trans terms and issues effecting trans people. Part one of an ongoing series. Originally appeared here

Viva Miuccia! Cursory notes on the political t-shirt

What do political t-shirts as a form — and their content — say about current attitudes to LGBT issues in parliamentary parties?

Lithuania: myth of the passive masses

In the article that follows I pose the question of how it came to be that self-identified ‘active’ Lithuanians have come to a tacit collective consensus on the ‘passivity’ of the unruly masses that surround them? In what ways has the economic and political context in Lithuania shaped the ‘actives’ collective diagnosis of the rest—the majority—as the unthinking ‘passives’?

Forged by Pride: Cursory notes on digital propaganda and Russian queers

Does digital propaganda produced by Western LGBT communities in solidarity with Russian queers expose an exploitative relationship?

Not survival only - James Butler

Stonewall riot

Speech given at an event in South London to celebrate the role of marginalised LGBT people in the history of queer liberation movements as part of LGBT History Month.

Auckland McDonald's blockaded in pay and homophobia dispute

Around 30 trade union activists have today blocked entry to the Auckland branch of McDonalds. They are protesting against the dismissal of union delegate, Sean Bailey who had been sacked after exposing proof that McDonald’s had been underpaying workers millions of dollars and not giving them adequate breaks. His dismissal came shortly after being threatened by his manager who told him he would be disciplined if he didn’t act ‘less gay’.