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Communist measures - Leon Mattis

Leon Mattis on class struggle, and specifically when and how struggles can have communist content.

Thinking a communist horizon

Communisation is not a prophecy. It is not the declaration of some future or other. Communisation is nothing but a certain perspective on the class struggles taking place right now.

A history of socialist thought - G.D.H. Cole

All of G.D.H. Cole's five part (in seven volumes) series chronicling the history of socialist thought from 1789-1939.

Communist Interventions: volume 1 - European socialism and communism

First volume of the Communist Interventions series published by the Communist Research Cluster. This first reader deals with the history of European socialism and communism and is in PDF format.

From on 14 January 2014

A brief explanation of the concept of territory and its implications - Miquel Amorós

An explanation of the meaning of “territory”, illustrated in its historical, social, economic and political context from the times of Cleisthenes to today’s pathological “anti-cities” and mutilated rural areas, as the dynamic unity of humanity as transformative agent and nature as abstract totality, and its significance for the “anti-developmentalist critique” that seeks to reunify the these two aspects of the world in a two-pronged struggle to restore the emancipatory nature of the city (the agora, “city air makes one free”) and the salutary aspects of rural life (the commons, etc.), a struggle that goes by the name of “territorial defense”, the pivot of the modern social revolution.

A Brief Explanation of the Concept of Territory and Its Implications – Miquel Amorós

I. The Concept

The Chinese mountain Lushan is often enveloped in clouds and it is often hard to get a good look at it. Su Dongpo, a poet of the Song Dynasty, said, in verse:

“How could one tell what Mt. Lushan really looks like
when one is in the midst of the mountain all along?”

Self-emancipation and consciousness - Démocratie Communiste (Luxemburgiste)

A brief statement concerning the relation between consciousness, collective struggle, emancipation and the attainment of “a democratic, free and egalitarian world society”, from the French group, Démocratie Communiste (Luxemburgiste).

Self-emancipation and Consciousness – Démocratie Communiste (Luxemburgiste)

For a nonviolent revolution - Démocratie Communiste (Luxemburgiste)

An appeal in favor of the principle of a nonviolent revolutionary movement based on means-and-ends reasoning, with references to Marx and Luxemburg.

For a Nonviolent Revolution – Démocratie Communiste (Luxemburgiste)

“An end which requires unjustified means is no justifiable end” (Karl Marx).1

  • 1. Karl Marx, Rheinische Zeitung, No. 135, Supplement, May 15, 1842.

Endnotes journal

Partial online archive of Endnotes, an irregular communist theoretical journal produced by a discussion group of the same name based in Britain and the US.

The original group was formed in Brighton, UK in 2005 primarily from former members of the journal Aufheben , after a critical exchange between Aufheben and the French journal Théorie Communiste.

Left for dead

A defiant communist faces the firing squad in Munich, 1919

In this piece @Aut_Omnia discusses the death of "the left" and the potential for the rebirth of the real movement.

The left is fucked. It has no present, no future and no hope.

A history of socialist thought: Volume II - Marxism and anarchism 1850-1890

G.D.H. Cole's volume chronicling the history of socialist thought from 1850-1890.

Memoirs of a revolutionist - Peter Kropotkin

A member of the Russian aristocracy and the best known of the revolutionaries before Lenin, Kropotkin originally serialized the story of his life and work for The Atlantic Monthly magazine, from September 1898 through September 1899, and when published in book form, it became his best known work.

From his privileged childhood to his role in upending the social order during the turmoil of the late-19th-century Europe, this is an extraordinary firsthand account of a fabled time and place, told by a writer of exquisite insight and talent.