Libertarian Workers Group

Direct Action #11 (1982)

Issue #11 of Direct Action, with articles on the Libertarian Workers Group and North American anarcho-syndicalism, the need for a general strike, a critique of the left parties, unreported riots in Liverpool, Towards Anarchism by Malatesta, the effects of tory economic policies, Czech dissident Ivan Jirous being imprisoned, a look at the managing director of Holcroft Castings in Rochdale, the pay of the rich, the anti-authoritarian left in Poland, a review of a pamphlet about the left groups, a dispute at Heathfields in Slough, and more.

Libertarian Workers Group Leaflets (Part 2)

Additional 1980s leaflets issued by the New York/New Jersey Libertarian Workers Group (LWG)

Libertarian Workers Group Leaflets

Miscellaneous early LWG leaflets

Forward March?

February 1980 LWG leaflet against military conscription.

"Rebellion in Patagonia" - Benefit for "On the Line" (1978)

Flyer announcing film showing of Rebellion in Patagonia". A well attended benefit for the LWG newsletter, "On the Line".

Wow! May Day

1978 public kick off event of the Libertarian Workers Group of New York

Libertarian Workers Group some members photo

LWG members man lit table

Where Do We Go From Here?

June 1983 Libertarian Workers Group leaflet against the Shoreham, Long Island, New York LILCO nuclear power plant

As We Go Marching

Libertarian Workers Group, NYC Labor Day Parade leaflet

Solidarity Is More Than A Slogan

Issued by L.W.G. members in District 65