Kirkby Rent Strike 1972 (Documentary)

The Kirkby Rent Strike was a 14-month long rent strike initiated by 3,000 tenants on October 9, 1972 in the town of Kirkby, outside Liverpool, against the Housing Finances Act

Since 1945 Liverpool and its dockland have changed almost beyond recognition. Devastated by war and then transformed by post-war strategies to address some of the appalling social conditions, initiatives to attract industry to the area and the registration of dockers with schemes to decasualize port employment, the economic, social and cultural life of the dockland has been turned upside down.

1919 Liverpool Police strike - Pat O'Mara

Pat O'Mara's personal account of the police strike in Liverpool, August 1919 and the subsequent riot, taken from his autobiography The Autobiography of a Liverpool Slummy.

Shortly after the Lusitania riots came the Liverpool Police strike.* Perhaps the bobbies had just cause for bitterness, for theirs were the only wages that hadn’t skyrocketed with the war. I thought they were getting ample pay at the time but, like everyone else – excluding the manufacturer, who was the first to raise the cry of traitor to a striker – they wanted much more.

The Lusitania Riots of May 1915: A personal account - Pat O'Mara

Pat O'Mara's personal account of the anti-German Lusitania riots of May 1915 which broke out in Liverpool, taken from his autobiography The Autobiography of a Liverpool Slummy. This account is reproduced for historical record, indeed it should be taken as a given that Libcom do not agree with the nationalistic riots nor the imperialist 'Great' War.

It was five o'clock one evening, and I was watching the home-coming dockers when a newsboy came racing down from Park Lane, yelling: "Sinking of the Lusitania!" The men stopped short; women peered from doorways. I joined one anxious group, poring over the fatal news. It was right - the 'Lusy', the fine boat I had left Joe and Harold aboard not two months ago, had been torpedoed!

More brutality from Merseyside police

At an anti cuts meeting tonight outside Liverpool Town Hall, Merseyside Police decide to brutalise and arrest two young comrades, and knock over and injure a third with a horse. A member of Liverpool Solidarity Federation has written about today's events.

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I've blogged multiple times on police brutality, wrongful arrests and their tactics used at demonstration being incredibly disproportionate to the "threat" posed by protestors. Today I witnessed the cops being bastards again.

Report: Combating workfare in Liverpool

A brief report on the Liverpool workfare action on Saturday 3rd March

Members of Liverpool SolFed and AFed participated in an action against workfare on Saturday 3rd March.

Around 75 activists gathered and marched into the Centre of Liverpool. We first targeted WH Smith, only to be told by the store manager that we were, ‘A health and safety risk’, and we were, ‘preventing workers going about their business’

Liverpool workers ‘locked out’ by bosses occupy factory

Striking workers in Liverpool have been locked out of their factory in a dispute over redundancies. In response, they have occupied the factory. The occupation has been temporarily suspended as their initial demands have been met. It is apparently the first 'lock out' of workers by bosses in Britain since 1958

Around 140 workers at Mayr-Melnhof packaging in Liverpool have been on strike over the past week in response to management attacking their terms and conditions, and planned job cuts.

Trade union factionalism and rank-and-file organising

Over the past year, it's become increasingly evident that the branch of the civil servants' union PCS I'm part of is beset by factionalism. In particular, the dominance of a ruling clique has been like a cancer which has seen people drop out of being reps, and even go off work with stress, because of the bullying occurring within the union. In my own rank-and-file approach to organising, I've butted heads with this problem on more than one occasion. This blog is a reflection of the issues at hand and an attempt to focus my own thoughts in terms of how to combat that.

When I last wrote about the internal politics of my branch, as part of a post about a members meeting ahead of N30, it caused a right stink.

The seamen's strike, Liverpool 1966 - Tony Wailey

Scab beaten up and thrown into sea during 1966 seamen's strike

A personal account of a striker's experiences; describing working conditions on ship, strikers' solidarity, the smear techniques of the press and government, the capitulation of the union leadership etc.

For analysis and context of the strike, see;

Nazi opportunists descend on Liverpool

Liverpool anti-fascists counter a UK wide mobilisation of Nazi's as the protest outside Liverpool Crown Court in an attempt to make political capital out of a case involving alleged paedophiles.

This morning, Nazi’s from all over the UK descended on Liverpool Crown Court. They had come to protest about a trial that started today relating to a suspected paedophile ring that allegedly involved many Muslim men.

Liverpool Hospital demo goes ahead, despite toadying Labour Party lickspittles cancelling it

Around fifty people attended a demonstration against the privatisation of the NHS at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital. Local Labour party goons had cancelled the demo due to concerns that we would point out that they are just as disgusting as the Conservatives. We did it anyway.

Today, members of SolFed and AFed joined up with activists from a variety of groups to protest outside the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, against the privatisation of the NHS.

The demonstration had initially been called by the local Labour party, whohad been expecting Andy Burnham to be in attendance.