Loren Goldner

Recensie: Ernst Bloch’s Das Prinzip Hoffnung - Loren Goldner

Three volumes of Bloch’s Das Prinzip Hoffnung

Een recensie van Ernst Bloch's Das Prinzip Hoffnung (1959) die ingaat op de actualiteit van Bloch's denken over de relatie natuur/mens/techniek en de politisering van technologie en natuurwetenschap.

Race Traitor #7

7th issue of Race Traitor, Spring 1997.

Herman Melville: between Charlemagne and the antemosaic cosmic man - Loren Goldner

The 1848-1850 conjuncture in the Atlantic world witnessed the birth of communism (Marx), modern art (Courbet, Flaubert), the end of classical political economy, and the formulation of the entropy law, or Second Law of Thermodynamics. Their simultaneity was not accidental, and Melville's work echoes each of them. This study attempts to situate Melville's works in this convergence.

Outline of the book “Votre révolution n'est pas la mienne” - Loren Goldner

2001 review by Loren Goldner of 'Votre Révolution N'est Pas La Mienne' by Francois Lonchampt and Alain Tizon.

Loren Goldner - Amadeo Bordiga, the Agrarian Question, and the International Revolutionary Movement

Loren Goldner's introduction to Amadeo Bordiga's critique of Soviet Industrialization and capitalism, and how it differs from his contemporaries such as Trotskyism.

153 French workers find a way to make themselves heard - Henri Simon (trans. Loren Goldner)

The following is the translation of a drastic abridgement/summary of a much longer article on workers' struggles at Cellatex, appearing in the Summer 2000 issue of 'Echanges'. Written by Henri Simon and translated by Loren Goldner. First published November 8th 2000. Republished in 'Anarcho-Syndicalist Review' #31 (Spring 2001).

Review: ‘Revolution in the Air’ by Max Elbaum - Loren Goldner

Loren Goldner reviews Max Elbaum's 'Revolution in the Air', and in the process critically examines Maoist and Third Worldist politics.

Interview: the situation of left communism today

Loren Goldner's interview with the Korean Socialist Workers' Newspaper Group (SaNoShin), November-December 2007.

Review: Cesar Chavez, the United Farm Workers, and the Question of Unions in Contemporary Capitalism

Cesar Chavez

Loren Goldner's extensive review and analysis of Frank Bardacke. Trampling Out The Vintage. Cesar Chavez and the Two Souls of the United Farm Workers (Verso).