Luigi Fabbri

The poverty of statism: Anarchism vs Marxism

Anarchist Luigi Fabbri debates Bolshevik Nikolai Bukharin on the relative merits of anarchism and Marxism. With an introduction by Albert Meltzer.

Life of Malatesta - Luigi Fabbri

Errico Malatesta.

Luigi Fabbri's book-length biography of the life of the almost legendary Italian anarchist, Errico Malatesta. Downloadable here as a Word document.

Translated by Adam W.

Preventative Counter-Revolution - Luigi Fabbri

Luigi Fabbri's moving account and analysis of the rise of fascism in Italy.

In spite of all the good intentions to the contrary which I brought to this essay, I have in fact failed, in examining the dark issue of fascism, to stand “above the fray”.

Revolution and Dictatorship - Luigi Fabbri

Victor Serge.

Essay by Luigi Fabbri analysing the Russian revolution and its authoritarian distortion by the Bolsheviks, with Victor Serge (the "anarchist who has forgotten his principles") singled out for special criticism.

Revolution and Dictatorship (On one anarchist who has forgotten his principles)

Bourgeois influences on anarchism - Luigi Fabbri

Luigi Fabbri (right) with Gaston Leval.

Text by Italian anarchist communist Luigi Fabbri written around the time of the First World War, addressing problems arising from the stereotyping of anarchism in popular culture and the negative effect this had on actual anarchist movement.

Violent Literature and Anarchism

Fabbri, Luigi, 1877-1935

Luigi Fabbri.

A biography of Italian anarchist militant and writer, Luigi Fabbri.

A clear-sighted and very astute intellectual, author of essays crucial to my libertarian understanding of the great political upheavals of the 20th century (such as the Russian revolution, the fascist seizure of power in Italy).