Mariarosa Dalla Costa

Reproduction and immigration - Mariarosa Dalla Costa

Article by autonomist feminist from the American magazine ZeroWork.

Reproduction and Emigration(*)
by Mariarosa Dalla Costa

I. Introduction

Capitalism and reproduction - Mariarosa Dalla Costa

Capitalism and reproduction - Mariarosa Dalla Costa

A Marxist-feminist analysis of how capitalism is reproduced and develops.

The sphere of reproduction today reveals all the original sins of the capitalist mode of production. Reproduction must be viewed, of course, from a planetary perspective, with special attention being paid to the changes that are taking place in wide sectors of the lower social strata in advanced capitalism as well as in an increasing proportion of the Third World population.

The door to the garden: feminism and Operaismo - Mariarosa Dalla Costa

A paper on the history of Italian Marxist feminism given at a seminar on Operaismo ('workerism') held in Rome, June 2002 (3,000 words).

In the 1970’s Italian feminism had two sides: one was self-awareness, the other was the operaista feminism of Lotta Femminista (Feminist struggle) that eventually turned into groups and committees for wages for housework campaigns.

The power of women and the subversion of the community

Tailors strike in Italy's Hot Autumn

An influential pamphlet by Mariarosa Dalla Costa and Selma James in 1972 that used a feminist reading of Marx to challenge Left orthodoxy on the role of women, their labour and their struggles.


When this book was first published three years ago, it was already clear that the international movement of women had upset basic assumptions on which this society rested. In confronting what happens in the family and on the street, we have had to confront what happens in the factory, the office, the hospital, the school - in every institution of capitalist society.

The Native in Us, the Earth we Belong to

Paper presented at "For Another Europe: The Europe of Movements and of the Class Autonomy" held in Turin, March 1996.