Intakes: Communist Theory - Beyond the Ultra-left

Aufheben present Theorie Communiste's reply and critique of their series of articles on decadence.

Murder of the Dead - Amadeo Bordiga

Bordiga explains Marx's economics and argues that state monopoly over the economy (i.e. nationalisation) is no more socialist than private monopoly.

Letters to the 3rd International - Amadeo Bordiga

Comintern poster.

Letters from the Central Committee of Amadeo Bordiga's Abstentionist Communist Fraction of the Italian Socialist Party to the Moscow Committee of the 3rd International, November 1919 and January 1920 regarding issues within the Italian Socialist Party around the issues of elections and the Italian war effort in WW1.

Theory of Crisis and the Problem of Constitution - Giacomo Marramao

Giacomo Marramao on Marxist crisis theory.

Fictitious capital and the transition out of capitalism - Loren Goldner

An exploration of the growing fictitious dimension of the economy and its implications for class struggle.

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The malaise on the left - Maurice Brinton

Maurice Brinton of Solidarity's 1974 critique of the statist left.