The limits of Mattick's economics: economic law and class struggle - Ron Rothbart

A critique of the economic ideas of Paul Mattick by Ron Rothbart.

The Council Communists between the New Deal and Fascism - Gabriella M. Bonacchi

A history by Gabriella M. Bonacchi of council communist efforts in the 1930s.

The incomplete Marx - Felton C. Shortall

The Incomplete Marx - Felton C. Shortall

Libertarian Marxist Felton C. Shortall's detailed analysis of the revolutionary ideas of Karl Marx.

A libertarian Marxist tendency map

This tendency map was produced by Chris Wright for, now part of the library - it is designed to trace some of the important tendencies in libertarian Marxism. Contains a brief written history with links to key individuals, groups and publications, and a graphic map.