Libertarian Marxism? - Daniel Guerin

Two essays by Daniel Guerin, written in 1969, beginning with the impact that the Paris Commune and Bakunin's critiques of Marxism had on the ideas of Marx with particular emphasis on Marx's 1871 address to the General Council of the International, 'The Civil War In France', which many anarchists consider to be Marx's "most anarchist" statement and in general a validation of anarchist thought. Guerin concludes the text with a proposal for a synthesis of Marxism and Anarchism which Guerin refers to as "Libertarian Marxism".

Review: Moishe Postone's Time, labour and social domination - capital beyond class struggle?

Brighton-based libertarian Marxist magazine Aufheben critically reviews Moishe Postone's book Time, Labour and social domination.

A ballad against work - Kamunist Kranti

Indian communist group Kamunist Kranti's pamphlet about and against wage labour.

Absolute Property - G. Kay and J. Mott

An analysis of the nature and development of private property in relation to the state in class society, and the political prevention of the abundance that modern productive capacities make possible.

Notes on Bakunin's book 'Statehood and anarchy' - Karl Marx

Marx responds to Bakunin's criticisms of Marx and Marxism. Marx's comments were written at the end of 1874 as he read Bakunin's book as part of his efforts to learn Russian and to study Russian society.

Marxism is Dead! Long Live Marxism - Mike Rooke

Poster for the Third International

An examination of the limits of 2nd & 3rd International 'Orthodox Marxism' and the later theoretical contribution of the Situationist Guy Debord.

Libertarian Marxism's Relation to Anarchism - Wayne Price

The current world-wide revival of anarchism is premised on the decline of Marxism. Yet there remains a strand of Marxism (libertarian or autonomist Marxism) to which anarchists often feel close and whose followers often express a closeness to anarchism.

The philosophical roots of the Marx-Bakunin conflict - Ann Robertson

Article about political differences between Bakunin and Marx, which correlated to the anarchist-Marxist split in the First International.

The author is biased in favour of Marx's views, but fails to give credit for Bakunin's influence on Marx (such as forcing him to clarify his views on the state) or those instances where Bakunin had more insight than Marx (such as on the evolution and counter-revolutionary nature of Social Democracy).

A Grammar of the Multitude - Paolo Virno

A Grammar of the Multitude (cover)

A philosophical account of the concept of 'multitude', popular in the wake of Negri & Hardt's 'Empire'.

Theses on the mass worker and social capital - Silvia Federici and Mario Montano

A text from the first wave of Italian ‘autonomist Marxist’ theory, first published under the name Guido Baldi in Radical America (Vol. 6, No. 3, May-June 1972).