Karl Marx and the Paris Commune - CLR James

CLR James on Marx, the Commune and their relevance for workers in the US.

Listen, Marxist! - Murray Bookchin

Murray Bookchin's best-known leaflet, Listen, Marxist! was aimed predominantly at students influenced by the Maoist Progressive Labor Party which was heavily (and highly destructive) active in the mass Students for a Democratic Society movement in 1960s and 70s America. His criticisms of "Marxism" and Marxist terminology are not applicable to Marxism as a whole, but some do apply to the crude politics of the PLP. Despite this significant shortcoming, we reproduce the document here due to its importance in terms of the left and libertarian left in the US

Facing Reality 45 Years Later: Critical Dialogue with James/Lee/Chaulieu - Loren Goldner

Looking back at a landmark text that influenced Italian Autonomism, the French group Socialisme Ou Barbarie and various US radicals.

Trotskyism: Product and agent of counterrevolution

The ICG traces the counter-revolutionary trajectory of Trotskyism.