The right to be lazy - Paul Lafargue

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Paul Lafargue argues for the working class's right to be lazy, and why productivity is the bosses' problem, not ours...

Cyber-Marx: Cycles and circuits of struggle in high technology capitalism - Nick Dyer-Witheford

The complete text of Nick Dyer-Witheford's 1999 book, which provides an analysis of information-age capitalism and the movements currently dissolving it. In PDF format.

Open letter to comrade Lenin - Herman Gorter

Gorter responds with radical criticism to the reformist programme advocated by Lenin - i.e., for European communists to work within their Parliaments and existing unions.

The "Renegade" Kautsky and his Disciple Lenin - Gilles Dauvé

Karl Kautsky

Dauvé traces the development of Lenin's ideas from Karl Kautsky and situates them within both the historical context and the Second International.

Empire - Antonio Negri and Michael Hardt

Antonio Negri and Michael Hardt argue that globalisation is transforming individual nation states into a system of diffuse national and global institutions of power - in other words a new type of Empire - which raises the possibility for a "multitude" of people to fight it.

Crisis of the Crisis State - Antonio Negri

Negri on crisis and the state.