Exploitation in Split: University students tricked by Montmontaža – Plinovodovod

Croatian students struggling for their wages.

MASA interviewed by IASR

IASR (Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative from Romania) interviews MASA (The Network of Anarcho-syndicalists) in Croatia. A very thought provoking interview.

Croatia: What has been accomplished so far?

An analysis of the Croatian anti-government protests by a member of MASA (Network of Anarcho-Syndicalists).

We want to work and to manage our work!

MASA's leaflet from 19th March's demo.

1 little, 2 little, 10000 little Indians

Article about recent protests in Zagreb and across Croatia by a member of MASA (Network of Anarcho-Syndicalists).

Zagreb: The masses have taken to the streets

A report on the Croatian anti-government demonstrations from an anarcho syndicalist participant.

MASA and the masses against the ruling class in Croatia

Statemant of MASA's local group Zagreb regarding March the 2nd protests.

Mundus Varaždin – the strike is over, but the struggle continues

Update on Mundus Varaždin's workers struggle. First article can be found here.

Croatia: Struggle in "Mundus Varazdin"

Mundus Varazdin

Short info about struggle of "Mundus Varazdin" workers.

Zagreb: Solidarity action with Serbian anarchists

On Monday, the 14th of September of 2009., a protest of solidarity with the arrested Serbian anarchists took place. The protest was organised by the „Stop the repression!“ campaign initiated by The Network of Anarcho-Syndicalists (MASA).