The struggle of the 'mill girls': class consciousness in early 19th century New England - Ian Schlom

This article traces the development of class consciousness of and the antagonism between the capitalists and the Lowell and Lawrence "Mill Girls" in the earlier half of the 19th Century in New England.


Massachusetts nurses win strike after only five hours

The strike came after months of discontent

The nurses at Umass Memorial Medical Centre have won the demands of their strike after five hours' picketing.

The nurses walked out on Thursday after negotiations throughout Wednesday night failed to deliver. During the five-hour picket, an agreement was made and the nurses have managed to fight off a series of contract concessions.

Massachusetts nurses set to strike today

The strike is part of a long running dispute

About 850 nurses are due to strike today at UMass Memorial Medical Center in the first strike at a Massachusetts hospital since nurses waged a 103-day walk out in 2001.

Despite talks yesterday between management and the Massachusetts Nurses Association, conflict remained over wage, healthcare, and pension demands, and the strike is set to begin today. UMass hospital has drafted in around 350 temporary nurses to be bussed across picket lines, to reduce the impact of the walk-out.

1916-1927: The execution of Sacco and Vanzetti

Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti

The story of two Italian-born anarchists, Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti, framed for murder and then executed for their beliefs.

"Did you see what I did to those anarchist bastards?"
- Presiding Judge Webster Thayer

1912: The Lawrence textile strike

Strikers face off with militia in Lawrence

A short history of the strike of 20,000 textile workers, mostly women and girls who included native and immigrant workers, which won big concessions over wages, conditions and hours for the entire textile industry

The Lynn shoe strike, 1860 - Howard Zinn

Howard Zinn's history of the strike of 20,000 US shoe manufacturing workers - men and women - in New England. Lasting several weeks, the strike won wage increases for the poorly-paid workers.

Class Struggle Beyond Unionism: Boston-Area Public Workers' Ferment. 1981-82

Goldner interviews Scott McGuire about the attempts of Boston Public Workers to resist the effects of proposition 2 1/2


Worker resistance at a liquor company

An account of resistance at a closing-down alcoholic drinks company by Roy, a shipping clerk.

There was a time when I was a temp worker, an employee of Kelly Services. It was always amusing when I, obviously male, walked into a new assignment, when they'd called for a "Kelly Girl." I got to see a lot of people cutting slack for themselves in the world of work. As I moved around, one assignment in particular stands out as a hotbed of slacking off.