The twenty-first year: new ideas - Ehud Ein-GiI

Ehud Ein-Gil looks at the proposals of maverick zionists for solving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict via forms of federalism which, while themselves weighted heavily against the Palestinians, do signal the usefulness of federalism for socialists in proposing how Israelis and Palestinians can live together on equal terms.

The other Israel: the radical case against zionism

Classic critique from 1972 by pioneering Israeli anti-zionist socialist group Matzpen against the Israeli state and the origins of the Arab-Jewish conflict in the Middle-East.

Palestinian workers in Israel: a reserve army of labour - Emmanuel Farjoun

In-depth study of the conditions of Palestinian workers in Israel and their function in the Israeli economy.

On the Sadat spectacle and Thus only!: two documents from Matzpen

Two documents from Matzpen, the first explicitly anti-zionist socialist group in Israel, written in 1977. The first on Egyptian president Anwar Sadat's visit to Israel, the second a declaration of Matzpen's anti-zionist position, which was published in Ha'aretz newspaper.