Maurice Brinton

Portuguese Diary 2: 1976 - Maurice Brinton

A second diary by Maurice Brinton describing some experiences in Portugal during 1976.

April 19, 1976, a Radio Televisao Portugues crew, in a van, is doing a programme on "the vision of socialism". It is stopping in the street, at factory gates, in markets, talking to people and recording their replies. It's a tight fit inside: seven people and lots of equipment.

Portuguese Diary 1: August 1975 - Maurice Brinton

A diary by Maurice Brinton describing some experiences in Portugal during August 1975.

Struggles in Alentejo
Evora is at the heart of the Alentejo, and the Alentejo is the heartland of the agrarian revolution. The latifundia are vast and for decades have been neglected. The soil is dry and hard, and upon it grow olives and cork. Wheat and maize would also grow readily if it were ploughed and watered. But this would interfere with the joys of hunting,

Review - For Workers Power by Maurice Brinton - Red and Black Notes

Red and Black Notes review of For Workers' Power - The Selected Writings of Maurice Brinton.

Edited by David Goodway

Oakland: AK Press, 2004.

Maurice Brinton - 1922-2005 - Red and Black Notes obituary

Red and Black Notes Obituary of British libertarian socialist Maurice Brinton.

I never met nor had any direct contact with Maurice Brinton; however, it's fair to say that without him and the Solidarity group, there might not be a Red & Black Notes. If that sounds overly dramatic, let me justify it.

Belgian general strike diary, 1960 - Maurice Brinton

One of the mines on strike in 1960-61

Maurice Brinton's vivid and captivating first hand account of the massive general strike in Belgium in 1960-61 against a new law "loi unique" to reduce workers' purchasing power.



The Commune: Paris 1871 - P. Guillaume and Martin Grainger

P. Guillaume and Martin Grainger, a pseudonym of Maurice Brinton, in Solidarity pamphlet #35 write on the Paris commune of 1871.


'Each time we study the history of the Commune we see something new in it, thanks to the experiences gained, in later revolutionary struggles...' Thus wrote Trotsky in 1921, in his preface to a book by Tales[1] which was to become basic reading for a whole generation of French revolutionaries.

The malaise on the left - Maurice Brinton

Maurice Brinton of Solidarity's 1974 critique of the statist left.

Capitalism and socialism - Maurice Brinton

Labour Party poster, 1945.

Maurice Brinton of Solidarity outlines his view of traditional socialists, and libertarian socialists.

Capitalism and socialism
by Maurice Brinton
from Solidarity, V, 6 (December 1968)


Maurice Brinton's introduction to Phil Mailer's "Portugal - The Impossible Revolution?"


Suicide for socialism? - Maurice Brinton

Maurice Brinton's analysis of the bizarre mass suicide of a socialist cult led by American Jim Jones in Jonestown, Guyana, which discusses the dynamics of political sects in general.

'We're gonna die for the revolution. We're gonna die to expose this racist and fascist society. It's good to die in this great revolutionary suicide.'