Max Schwarz

Withered aristocracy #2 - heavy construction and critical faculties

An attempt at an explanation for the long absence of the Withered Aristocracy blog.

To defend the franchise?

Many people with anti-state and anti-electoral views will nevertheless organize around the defense of social programs when they are under attack. Should the same orientation hold for the right to vote?

Occupy Wall Street meets the million hoodie march

On March 21st in New York City, a large, raucous march from Union Square set out to confront police harassment and the murder of black youth at the hands of cops and racist thugs. Max Schwarz points to the possibility that this could be an opening where the activism of Occupied Wall Street combines with the militancy and anger of the city's working class black community.

Domination and resistance in the transatlantic world - Max Schwarz

Max Schwarz on the importance of the transatlantic slave trade in the transition from the provincial feudalism of medieval Europe to the global capitalism of the early modern world.

New York '75 and Wisconsin '11: The Lessons of Austerity

As struggles against austerity spread from Wisconsin to Indiana to Ohio and elsewhere, it is crucial to recognize and understand the failures of past. The working class response to the New York fiscal crisis of 1975 provides some important lessons on how to combat austerity measures.