May Day

The incomplete, true, authentic and wonderful history of May Day - Peter Linebaugh

Peter Linebaugh's overview of the historical roots of the traditional workers' day.

The Green

Libertarian contingent on Mayday demonstration in Havana, Cuba

Members of the Red Protagónica Observatorio Crítico in Havana, Cuba joined the main Mayday march, with banners promoting grassroots organisation and an end to bureaucracy, claiming that real socialism is democracy, as well as distributing a letter. A week before the march, the collective had organised a public event, promoting the libertarian origins of Mayday. After the demonstration, some of the contingent convoked an impromptu rumba in a city centre square, as marchers stopped to dance to their African drum rhythms.

Post-immigration march scuffle targets National Anarchists

After a pro-immigration rally in San Francisco Ca, several people jumped Andrew Yeoman and other members of BANA (Bay Area National Anarchists) a fake anarchist group operating out of the East Bay that masks its racism and proto-fascism by using the name anarchist.

SF weekly

Fuel of the future: New Zealand reactions to the Haymarket Martyrs

A short article on reactions to the Haymarket Affair by the New Zealand labour movement.

We propose this week to honour the memory of the Chicago Martyrs…. November 11 is an anniversary to make the blood burn as its retrospect becomes fuel of the future. Twenty-four years ago some heroes of the mighty past were robbed of their lives and thus made moulders of a mightier present…’

"Dynamite... That’s the Stuff" - Louis Adamic

Contemporary depiction of the execution of the Haymarket martyrs

Selections from Chapter 2 of "Dynamite: the Story of Class Violence in America" on the condition of the American working class in the late 19th century, the workers movement including the Knights of Labor and Mayday and the Haymarket martyrs.

“Extirpate the miserable brood!”
-Johann Most

Propaganda by the deed

Churchill, the Cenotaph and May Day 2000 - Practical History

This response to the graffitiing of official monuments in London on May Day 2000 looks at the origins of war memorials in the social conflicts at the end of World War One and at the myth of the Second World War as an anti-fascist crusade. See also A good day out in London? for further reflections on May Day 2000.

"The destruction of representational images is the destruction of a hierarchy that is no longer recognised... The solidity of the images was the expression of their permanence. They seem to have existed for ever, upright and immovable; never before had it been possible to approach them with hostile intent.

A good day out in London? Some reflections on May Day 2000 - Practical History

Reflections on the May Day 2000 actions in London and the development of the anti-capitalist movement.

This was written as a contribution to a collection of articles called 'Reflections on May Day'. Unfortunately it didn't make it into the magazine as I missed the publication deadline. This was not just due to me slacking - I was hesitant about the content because the conclusion of 'well it wasn't so bad' didn't seem to be saying very much.

Birth of a Holiday: The First of May - Eric Hobsbawm

Walter Crane - Garland for Mayday

Marxist historian Eric Hobsbawm's account of the international celebration of Mayday.

In 1990 Michael Ignatieff, writing about Easter in the Observer, observed that 'secular societies have never succeeded in providing alternatives to religious rituals'.

Mayday, Work, Anti-capitalism

Short text on the nature of the anti-capitalist movement, economic crisis and the negation of the proletariat.

In central London on Mayday, protesters demonstrate against multinationals (and much besides) while in America, tens of thousands of workers are laid off as the economy goes into crisis. The capitalist economy does more damage to itself than do the protests.

Maybe spoof newspaper, 2000

Spoof of the Metro newspaper produced by Reclaim The Streets to advertise the May Day 2001 "guerrilla gardening" demonstrations.