Fast food unionism: the unionization of McDonald’s and the McDonaldization of unions

IWW organizer Erik Forman gives a broad background of the fast food industry, business union tactics, and draws out some directions that an autonomous movement of fast food workers could take to remedy the issues he identifies.

[i]This week’s piece comes to us from Erik Forman, a contributor to Recomposition. Forman cut his teeth organizing in the IWW at different fast food establishments before the recent push by SEIU and other unions. The text is a repost from from Counterpunch’s Monthly Digital Exclusive.

Auckland McDonald's blockaded in pay and homophobia dispute

Around 30 trade union activists have today blocked entry to the Auckland branch of McDonalds. They are protesting against the dismissal of union delegate, Sean Bailey who had been sacked after exposing proof that McDonald’s had been underpaying workers millions of dollars and not giving them adequate breaks. His dismissal came shortly after being threatened by his manager who told him he would be disciplined if he didn’t act ‘less gay’.

Aided by the police, McDonalds had hired several private security goons to ensure that customers could still get into the premises. Several minor scuffles broke out as protesters tried to discuss the issues with customers. The security goons tried to intimidate and draw protesters into confrontation, physically pushing them, and calling people ‘wankers’ (oh the irony).

McDonalds International Liberation Front (MILF) statement, 2002

Brief introduction statement to the MILF from the website of McDonalds Workers Resistance.

good evening, and welcome to the wonderful world of MILF, (mom i'd like to fuck), or the McDonalds International Liberation Front. Well, you could call it a world, if a world is one page on a shitty website by a bunch of pussy white boys. these boys are soft, but us, we are no-holds barred bad mother fuckers, so fuck you, and yo' mammas.

McDonald's Worker Resistance: Shaking the Golden Arches

William MacDougall writes for CounterPunch on McDonalds Workers Resistance, January 9, 2003.

Are you getting screwed at work? - McDonalds Workers Resistance

An exciting, interactive feature from MWR to see how you are being treated at work and what you can do about it.

To proceed, answer questions by clicking your answer on the links below.

Do you work for McDonalds?

Ten things to do in McDonalds when it’s dead

Top 10 things to do when you're working at McDonalds to liven up a shift.

Alternative crew handbook - McDonalds Workers Resistance

The notorious 'alternative crew handbook' produced by rebel McDonalds employees, containing everything a disgruntled worker and needs to know to get on in the job. This is the document management do NOT want you to read...

Remember at all times that the company is your enemy, it exists only to make money and only cares about you in so far as it can make a few more dollars off your back.
Liberation begins when we put self-respect before burgers!

[i] “This is not amusing, and has consequences you have clearly not considered (...) What you’ve done is thoroughly

The trade union question - MWR

McDonalds Workers Resistance on the trade unions and their relevance for McDonalds workers.

McDonalds: not/just another company

McDonalds Workers Resistance on their employer, what is unique about it and what is the same about it as every other corporation .

McDonalds, Not Just Another Company

MWR, anti-capitalism, ecology and the “third world”: A response to eco-fundamentalist anti-capitalists

McDonalds Workers Resistance responds to criticism from activists that they "support capitalism" or killing the planet.

MWR gets a fair bit of hate mail, not from McDonalds or McDonalds managers but from certain ‘anti-capitalists’ or ‘anarchists’.