McDonalds Workers Resistance

What's it like to work at McDonalds?

McDonalds Workers Resistance on what it's like to be a McDonalds employee.

It is totally degrading and dehumanising, there is a ‘procedure' for every tiny action to make our role almost completely robotic. The pay is infamously poor, bad enough, according to the high court, to depress wages throughout the catering sector. Management is frequently very autocratic; the company likes to employ ex-military personnel because they bring “a sense of discipline”.

McDonalds Workers Resistance aims and principles

The mission statement of UK group MWR.

McDonalds Workers Resistance (MWR) is a loose network of McDonalds HOURLY PAID workers who agree that the workers and the company have no interests in common and who agree to help all hourly paid McDonalds workers against the company regardless of ethnicity, sexuality, nationality, etc.

McDonalds Workers Resistance monthly reports

Three scattered "monthly" reports from MWR from 2001-2

November 2001

Dear friends,

MWR solidarity statement for public meeting in Houston, 2002

Statement of solidarity from McDonalds Workers Resistance sent to a public meeting dated 16 March 2002 with speaker Dave Morris from the McLibel trial.

Greetings and solidarity from Scotland. We are McDonalds Workers Resistance, Glasgow branch, who for some years now have been working to organise and encourage resistance against our employer. We have produced two copies of our workers magazine ‘McSues’ which have been distributed around the world, from Alaska USA, to Christchurch New Zealand, we have recently set up a website at,.

McDonalds Workers Resistance Launch statement

Before October 12th 2000, we had worked away organising in a couple of stores in Glasgow (Scotland) and had then started communicating with a few other McWorkers and persuaded them to come along with us... This was the statement with which we went public through the wonderful McSpotlight web siteand launched our global takeover type thing. You'll notice that we're using the same slogans to this day...

McDonalds Workers Resistance Launch statement
Global Day of solidarity with McDonalds Workers October 12th 2000

Minutes of a Glasgow McDonalds Workers Resistance meeting, 2002

Minutes of a meeting of the Glasgow group of McDonalds Workers Resistance in 2002, taken by Casper.

(some details have been omitted to protect the guilty)

Glasgow McDonalds Workers Resistance weekly meeting, XX/XX/02 @ the @&*?!$ !@**? boozer

Present: Brother Bouncer (chair), Brother Casper (minutes), Brother Funnywump, Brother Zotard, Comrade Beagle and ex-Brother Webel

McHumour - McDonalds Workers Resistance

Self-proclaimed "funny" bits and pieces by the rebel McWorkers.

This guy goes to assertiveness classes, comes home, pounds on the door and shouts at his wife “give us a cup of tea now!” Entering the house and confidently flinging his jacket down he continues, “after that you're gonnae make me some dinner then suck my cock, then I want you to run me a nice warm bath and wash me. And after that can you guess who's gonnae dress me and comb my hair?”

McDonalds Workers Resistance prank phone calls

Transcripts of prank phone calls by MWR in the early 2000s, including to a confused Richard Branson.

Funnywump called up business tycoon Richard Branson on his mobile the other day. "To be honest the exchange would have been funnier if I could have heard a word the fucker said... he owns a mobile phone company, you'd have thought he could have got one that works."

Anyway, Wump calls RBs mobile but it's switched off, so he tries again later:
(beep, beep, crackle, crackle)
FW: Hi, Richard?

McDonald's Worker Resistance: Shaking the Golden Arches

William MacDougall writes for CounterPunch on McDonalds Workers Resistance, January 9, 2003.

Christmas card to senior management from McDonalds Workers Resistance

Text of a Christmas card sent to McDonalds senior management from rebel employee group McDonalds Workers Resistance, in 2000.

Dear Senior management,