McDonalds Workers Resistance

McDonalds Workers Resistance member's speech at the European Social Forum, Florence, 2002

Transcript of MWR member Funnywump's speech about the group and workplace organisation at the European Social Forum in Florence, Italy, November 2002.

McDonalds Workers Resistance member's speech to Canadian Labour Congress, 2003

Transcript of a speech by Wayne from MWR to the Canadian Labour Congress' Mid-Term Conference in Ottawa on October 18 2003.

Interview with McDonalds Workers Resistance - Face magazine, 2000

Full transcript on an informative and amusing interview carried out between the Face style magazine and members of McDonalds Workers Resistance. This article was subsequently published.

McDonalds, 9-11 and US foreign policy

Statement by Glasgow MWR following a statement issued by the McDonalds corporation following the September 11th attacks covering the attacks, the war, and McDonalds itself.

McDonalds Workers Resistance - an introduction

The original introduction text to the rebellious group of McDonalds staff.