media and culture

The cultural Cold War: corporate and state intervention in the arts - Mike Harman

Number 8 by Jackson Pollock.

A look at involvement of governments and corporations attempting to push their interests in the world of art and culture since the middle of the last century.

1919-1950: The politics of Surrealism

A history of Surrealism and its links with politics and, in particular, anarchism and socialism.

1883-today: The radical history of Aussie rules football

A history of Aussie rules football and its intersection with working class politics since the first football strike in 1883.

1862-1999: Revolutionary song in Italy

Portrait of Pietro Gori

The history of song, music, class struggle and anarchism in Italy's turbulent past.

1789-1989: Revolutionary song in France

French Revolution

A history of song, music and revolutionary working class politics in France from the 1789 Revolution up to the 1980s and punk.

1972: The Quebec general strike

Demonstrators clash with police during the la Presse strike, 1971

The story of one of the largest working class rebellions in American history. 300,000 workers participated in North America's largest general strike to that date, radio stations were seized, factories were occupied, and entire towns were brought under workers' control, and it won important gains

Shusui, Kotoko, 1871-1911

A short biography of journalist Kotoku Shusui, who helped introduce anarchism to Japan and was executed for treason.

US: Shattuck Cinema workers are going union

Landmark Shattuck Cinema workers are fed up. Years of bad hours, poor pay, a hostile work environment and the demoralsing treatment from theatre management has led the Cinema workers of Berkeley, CA, to push for a union; for the One Big Union of the Industrial Workers of the World.

Billy Connolly - shipyard striker

Before the purple beard...

Scottish comedian Billy Connolly was involved in the strikes of apprentices in the Clyde shipyards in the 1960s.