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Graffiti guide

A beginners' guide to doing graffiti, covering paints, spraypaints, stencils, surfaces and general advice.

Flyposting guide


Guide with tips and advice on flyposting, or "wheatpasting", for advertising and getting your message out to a wide audience on a low budget.

Guide to starting your own zine

Tips and advice on starting a zine-style publication, from format and content to distribution and finance.

Setting up a newsletter - technical guide

A guide covering technical, design and layout issues with producing your own newsletters and publications.

Guide to setting up a local newsletter

A guide with tips and advice on how to set up a newsletter in your local area to cover issues that affect local residents.

BNP election candidate arrested in biggest explosives haul ever

BNP leader Nick Griffin with bodyguard facing race hate charges

Two men were arrested in Lancashire last week in the biggest explosives haul ever found at a house in the UK.

NZ: Maori dancers out on wildcat

Maori dancers employed at the Te Puia (formerly New Zealand Maori Arts and Crafts Institute) were out on wildcat strike yesterday.

TV Times 7-13 October

Welcome to Class War's weekly TV guide for the revolutionary couch potato. This week we can look forward to George Bush being shot (although sadly not for real) as well as price-fixing, dodgy new Labour lawyers and “justice” in the former Yugoslavia.

The Zazous, 1940-1945

A self-made Zazou star

An account of the French anti-Nazi cultural youth movement who opposed the Vichy regime in occupied France. Influenced by jazz and swing they met in basement clubs and scuffled with fascists on the streets.

TV Times 23-29 September

Welcome back to Class War’s TV guide for the revolutionary couch potato. If watching the Labour party conference, as sponsored by Sky News, is too much for you, why not try some of these programmes?