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Black Flag 233 (early 2011)

One of our more eclectic issues, in the May issue of 2011 we picked up on the student protests and interviewed the recently reformed Atari Teenage Riot, while Iain McKay predicted (correctly) that neoliberal consensus and attempts to suck up to international markets through attacks on the working class would do little to bring growth or stability...

Where has all my money gone you vile insidious woman?

The great privatisation swindle has meant that we are indirectly paying twice for some services. Successive governments has trousered trillions from the legalised thievery that was made popular by 'that woman'. Where has my money gone, and can I have it back please?

The Pope and his phoney outrage

The Pope is said to be outraged at a new Benetton advert. It is a shame that he is not as outraged by child abuse.

Luce, Maximilien, 1858-1941

Luce's A Street in Paris

Short biography of Neo-impressionist painter and anarchist Maximilien Luce.

Poulaille, Henry (1896-1980)

Henry Poulaille

A short biography of the anarchist writer Henry Poulaille, champion of Proletarian Literature.

I take the 254 and Graeme Archer can sod off.

This is a couple of days late, mainly because I've been pretty busy, but I've been somewhat annoyed by an article by Tory activist, political blogger and burgeoning Telegraph columnist Graeme Archer. He makes the erroneous assumption that I as a fellow bus-taker have anything whatsoever in common with his mean-minded slagging of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Black Flag 232 (late 2010)

The October 2010 edition of Black Flag had a particularly international flavour to it, talking about the experiences and problems of "official" migrant workers in the UK, the problems of international development work and about attacks on groups like the Zapatistas in Mexico and cleaners in Sweden.

Black Flag 231 (Mid 2010)

This issue is both a celebration of big anniversaries and big voices who are sadly no longer with us, while also keeping an eye on the future for information.

This is not a manifesto: Towards an anarcho-design practice

Updated version of a text written by Jared Davidson (Garage Collective) in 2009, on the intersection of graphic design and anarchism. Downloadable in an A4 PDF.

Night of the living geeks - how I learned to start worrying and hate the cuties

Geeks are a nice species of creature. Cutely dressed, delicate, fragile, softly spoken to the point of mutism. Yet, they have managed to colonize the collective imagination of an entire generation. This generation. But who are the geeks? And how could this species of shy elves take over the innermost sanctums of the western cultural environment?