Mexican Revolution

The Mexican revolution - Anarchist Federation

A look at the 1910 Mexican revolution and the anarchist influences within it.

Mexico in 1910 was a land where an emerging working class was adopting radical forms of organisation and struggle, where the indigenous peoples were still continuing their resistance against three hundred years of rule initiated by Spain, and where the bourgeoisie itself was attempting to develop and consolidate its power against the establishment institutions of the old regimes and the Catholic

A grave error: the Mexican syndicalists

A short account of the syndicalist union Casa del Obrero Mundial and its failure to relate to the anarchistic movements of Zapata and Villa.

The birth of the workers’ movement in Mexico was profoundly influenced by anarchism. This movement proclaimed independence from the political parties and the State. Yet in 1915 a pact was signed with the Constitutionalists led by Carranza. Organise! Looks at why this might have happened.

Women and communal strikes in the crisis of 1917-1922 - Temma Kaplan

Women in the Russian revolution.

An article on women's pivotal role in Russia, Italy, Spain and Mexico during the revolutionary wave of 1917-1922.

From: R.Bridenthal & C. Koonz, Becoming Visible: Women in European History, p430-46.

Anarcho-syndicalists in the Mexican revolution: the Casa del Obrero Mundial

A critical account of the Mexican anarcho-syndicalist union the Casa del Obrero Mundial which took up arms against revolutionary peasants.

Jahn, Octave aka Octavio 1869-1917

Octave Jahn

A short biography of French anarchist Octave Jahn, active in France, Belgium and Switzerland and a participant in the Mexican Revolution.

“A fervent propagandist of libertarian communism” - Max Nettlau

“A prototype even of the young anarchist of the heroic period of the movement” - Gaetano Manfredonia

Octave Jahn was born on 10 February 1869 in Cherbourg, France.

Revolutionary Syndicalism in Mexico - John M. Hart

A short history of Mexican revolutionary syndicalism, which dominated the early labour movement prior to and during the Mexican Revolution.

"The Mexican revolutionary syndicalists: their form of organization - anarchosyndicalist; their leadership - artisan and professional; their numbers - 150 000; their goals - the seizure and operation of the means of production and the onset of worldwide proletarian revolution; their means - revolutionary war against capitalism by workers' militias and the general strike."

Magon, Ricardo Flores, 1873-1922

Ricardo Flores Magon

A short biography of Ricardo Flores Magon, the Mexican anarchist who took part in the Mexican revolution and was imprisoned several times throughout his life.

Ricardo Flores Magon
Born 1879 - Mexico, died November 22nd 1922 - Kansas, USA

Ortega, Margarita, ?-1914

Contemporary cartoon depicting PLM members, Diaz and others

A short biography of Mexican anarchist school teacher and sharpshooter Margarita Ortega, who was executed in 1914.

Margarita Ortega
Born date and location unknown, died 1914 - Mexicali, Mexico

Zapata, Emiliano, 1879-1919


A short biography of the legendary Mexican revolutionary hero, guerrilla and anarchist, Emiliano Zapata.

Emiliano Zapata
Born 8 August 1879 - Morelos, Mexico, died 9 April 1919 - Mexico

Emiliano Zapata (August 8 1879 – April 9 1919) was a leading figure in the Mexican Revolution of 1910 against the dictatorship of Porfirio Díaz. He is considered to be one of the national heroes of Mexico; the Zapatistas, a revolutionary movement based in the state of Chiapas, take their name from him.

Manifesto of the Mexican Liberal Party, 1911

Manifesto issued by the Organising Council of the anarchist Mexican Liberal Party, September 23, 1911, scattered at that time broadcast and republished in its official organ, Regeneracion, January 20, 1912.