Letter to Miss Erma Barsky

In this letter to a friend, Ricardo Flores Magon expresses his feelings on being locked up for being an anarchist...

Without Bosses

The famous Mexican anarchist states why we'd be better off without bosses and governments...


"No, there is no need to fear life without government; we long for it with all of our hearts."

The Right of Property

Written in the midst of the Mexican Revolution, a critique of private property...

To Women

Written during the Mexican Revolution, Ricardo Flores Magon addresses women and their social conditions...

The Chiapas Uprising and the Future of Class Struggle in the New World Order

Autonomist Marxist, Harry Cleaver, analyses the Zapatista uprising in Chiapas and its relevence to class struggle in the era of globalisation.

The Zapatistas and the International Circulation of Struggle - Lessons Suggested and Problems Raised

A variation of this Paper, originally prepared for the conference on "Globalization from Below" at Duke in February 1998, presented to the INET'98 Conference in Geneva in July 1998.

The Zapatistas and the Electronic Fabric of Struggle *DRAFT*

What follows is a DRAFT of a chapter of a book on the Zapatistas and revolution at the beginning of the XXIst Century. The book, edited by John Holloway in Mexico City, will consist of a collection of new articles, mostly from Mexican scholars and political analysts. This essay should be quoted only with permission from the author.

The Zapatista Effect: The Internet and the rise of an alternative political fabric

Harry Cleaver looks at the role of technology and the internet in spreading class struggle.

Manifesto of the Mexican Liberal Party, 1911

Manifesto issued by the Organising Council of the anarchist Mexican Liberal Party, September 23, 1911, scattered at that time broadcast and republished in its official organ, Regeneracion, January 20, 1912.