Attempted murder of APPO activist

In the latest of a string of intimidations and attacks, an attempt is made on the life of the libertarian activist and former APPO Councillor Ruben Valencia Nunez.

APPO prisoner on hunger strike

Following harrassment and abuse of political prisoners in Oaxaca, a hunger strike has commenced for their liberation.

Reporter kidnapped and tortured in Oaxaca

Earlier demonstration in Oaxaca

In the increasingly tense climate of repression against the social movement which has been escalating these past couple of weeks, a journalist from the Noticias newspaper was abducted by security forces.

Mexico: Morelos teachers' strikers now seek "solution"

CNTE members march in Mexico City against the proposed education reform

After two violent and tense months, striking teachers in the Mexican state of Morelos have started negotiations with the state over an education reform bill being forced through parliament with the support of the teachers' union head.

"You don't mess with the government, idiots": Six killed at archealogical site occupation in Chiapas, Mexico

Mexican police on Friday shot and killed six peasants during and after an operation to end the popular occupation of an archealogical tourist site near Miguel Hidalgo, Chiapas.

Mexico: Guerrero teachers occupy electoral institute in protest at educational reform bill

Schoolteachers and teachers in training have occupied the electoral institute's state offices in Chilpancingo, Guerrero and are threatening to destroy the ballots of today's statewide municipal elections.

Mexico: Morelos teachers' strike continues with national support

The striking teachers have also blockaded motorways and occupied tollbooths.

Schoolteachers in the state of Morelos today complete their 48th day of an indefinite strike against proposed a educational reform being forced through by their union leader which would remove their job security. Yesterday their march was joined by other teachers from around the country.

Notes from Oaxaca

The following collection of articles on Oaxacan radical movements between January and September 2008 was translated from a number of different sources and posted to libcom's forums. They provide a number of useful insights into the situation in the volatile Mexican region.

To Lorenzo San Pablo Cervantes

Two years on from your murder, this movement continues forward, despite all the differences and finds its way by means of honest and faternal dialogue. It is in this way, through that brotherhood and honesty of which you were an example, that we believe we have found a clear and solid form of linking together the different resistances and of constructing alternatives to this dominatory system that keeps Oaxaca and the entire world under its yoke.

Oaxaca: Overcoming the Fear. The long struggle for dignity

Article analysing the Oaxcan social movement from within, looking at its history, present and future and identifying obstacles to be overcome. Written by activists intimately involved with grassroots organisation and struggle.