Mayday - call for US general strike in defence of immigrants

The organisers of one of the largest national demonstrations the US has ever seen have called for a Mayday general strike.

Chicago, US: 10,000 march for immigrant rights

Last Saturday downtown Chicago was paralysed by tens of thousands of people marching for immigrants' rights. Joshua Hoyt examines this growing movement.

1995: The JJ Foods Strike

On October 31st 95, forty five workers at JJ Fast Food Distribution Ltd. in Tottenham were sacked for joining the T&G.

NHS failing asylum seekers

New research shows the the growing inequalities in healthcare in the UK that the NHS is unable to tackle.

Labour Party and union leaders play race card against migrant workers

Following the Irish Ferries dispute Labour Party leader Pat Rabbitte and union leader Jack O’Connor have decided to place the blame for driving down wages in Ireland on the migrant workers themselves and not on the bosses.

Brighton residents stop deportation of Iranian journalist

Brighton campaigers successfully prevented the deportation of an Iranian dissident journalist who faced torture and persecution.

Irish Ferries - Thousands of workers say no to slavery on the high seas

An estimated 150,000 took part in the day of action in solidarity with Irish Ferries workers across Ireland.

Possible strikes at Luton, Birmingham and Heathrow

Fire and security staff at Birmingham airport have voted for 2-1 in favour of strike action in December over the sacking of two union organisers.

Marx and Makhno Meet McDonald's

An account of the French "Solidarity Collective" group. Casualised workers in Paris win several strikes, honorably lose another with combined union and extra-union, legal and illegal tactics.