1999: Dahl Jenson construction strike

Immigrants demonstrated their willingness, when asked, to support British workers in struggle in this victorious strike of 300 building workers employed by different firms.

The Bacton Fashions strike, 1990 - Mark Metcalf

An account of the 1990 strike in East London of mostly immigrant workers, which won several concessions for the workers and prevented the owner starting a new sweatshop elsewhere.

The Kortex sweatshop strike, 1981 - Sandra Bloodworth and Tom O'Lincoln

The history of a victorious strike of 300 mostly female immigrant workers in an ultra-exploitative textile sweatshop in Australia.

1973: Broadmeadows Ford workers’ strike

In June 1973 workers at the Broadmeadows Ford factory exploded smashing up their workplace, facing off police and forcing union bosses into endorsing a strike they had attempted to abandon. This is a short history of the events.

Queensland canecutters' strike, 1934 - Peter Sheldon

The history of the victorious strike of mostly migrant cane-cutting workers in Australia. To secure the victory the workers had to overcome the bosses' resistance, the police and the racist trade union.

Manx Justice

One of the most blatant cases of double standards regarding rich and poor the Isle of Man has seen in recent years, a South African millionaire has been given a slap on the wrist while the men he enslaved are exiled from the island.

Greece: Migrants’ detention camps

An examination of the holding centres for illegal immigrants in and around Greece in so-called Fortress Europe.

Mayday - call for US general strike in defence of immigrants

The organisers of one of the largest national demonstrations the US has ever seen have called for a Mayday general strike.

Chicago, US: 10,000 march for immigrant rights

Last Saturday downtown Chicago was paralysed by tens of thousands of people marching for immigrants' rights. Joshua Hoyt examines this growing movement.

1995: The JJ Foods Strike

On October 31st 95, forty five workers at JJ Fast Food Distribution Ltd. in Tottenham were sacked for joining the T&G.