Montpellier students to vote on further blockades

Updates from university occupations in Toulouse and Montpellier following the withdrawal of the CPE.

The anti-CPE struggle continues in France

The withdrawal of the CPE was announced today. This is a victory for the protesters, however the government still has the ability to strongarm similar legislation through and has not withdrawn the other parts of the new law package.

Montpellier - reaction to the withdrawal, and events this week

Our correspondent in Montpellier reacts to the withdrawal of the CPE and gives a run down of events there this past week.

More UMP party offices vandalised while Bishops declare support

An update from one of our correspondent about vandalism in Montpellier and bishops acknowledging the suffering of French youth.

CPE protests: Blockades across France

Charlemagne High School, Paris, occupied 28 March

Brief reports of the road and rail blockades across the country last Thursday 28 March, and updates on the mushrooming high school occupations as 62% declare solidarity with the anti-CPE movement.