An Open Letter to my Compatriots in Algeria

Seeking to erode Algerian-Moroccan enmities stoked by nationalism and to share perspectives on his own experiences in the February 20th Movement in Morocco, a Moroccan filmmaker addresses Algerians who have taken to the streets starting on February 22, 2019 in a plea against authoritarianism.

Why Moors help Franco

Spanish Moroccan troops in 1936

A short article by George Padmore discussing the use of Moroccan troops by Francoist forces in the Spanish Civil War, after the Popular Front government had decided to maintain colonial rule.

When insurrections die - Gilles Dauvé

This is a reconceived version of 'Fascism and Anti-Fascism'. In this text, Dauvé shows how the wave of proletarian revolts in the first half of the twentieth century failed: either because they were crushed by the vicissitudes of war and ideology, or because their “victories” took the form of counter-revolutions themselves, setting up social systems which, in their reliance on monetary exchange and wage-labour, failed to transcend capitalism.

Oriental Jewry annotated bibliography

During the last decade a plethora of books devoted to the subject of Oriental Jewry has been published in Israel or by Israeli authors. The following list, compiled and annotated by Avishai Ehrlich, is only par­tial. Unless mentioned otherwise, the books in this list are in Hebrew.

Rabat: Unemployed Teachers' Demo Attacked by Police

Unemployed teachers beaten at protest in Morocco.

General strike of civil servants in Morocco

Moroccan civil service workers mount general strike over wages.

Following the collapse of wage talks with the Moroccan government, the Moroccan Workers' Union, the Democratic Workers' Organisation and the Democratic Workers' Federation called a civil service general strike on Friday (January 23rd) and again on February 10th.

Morocco: public sector workers strike

Public service workers across Morocco held a one-day strike today and joined mounted protests demanding reforms and better conditions and salaries from the government.

Morocco: miners from Jbel Awam on trial

Twenty-nine of the striking miners went on trial today facing charges that include unarmed rebellion.

Morocco: Striking miners arrested at Jbel Awam

Miners at Jbel Awam in the Middle Atlas mountains of Morocco were arrested after police invaded their camp on Tuesday morning.

Morocco: Mayday solidarity protest attacked

Auxiliary forces using boots and truncheons attacked the peaceful sit-in outside the Moroccan Parliament building last Friday.