Mouvement Communiste

How and why should we fight against redundancies?

Text by Mouvement Communiste from 2005 summarising some general arguments concerning redundancies and some historical experiences of struggles against them in France.

Mouvement Communiste CPE leaflets for students and building workers

Assembly at Jussieu university

Two leaflets about the CPE employment law. The first from 27 March, by some students in Jussieu to the building workers directly employed by this university in Paris. The second one was distributed in a student General Assembly, a little after the end of the movement.

A lovely spring in France - CPE report by Mouvement Communiste

18 March demonstration

A report on the unrest and struggle agains the CPE employment law by Mouvement Communiste, a Paris based collective.

Strike at Citroën Aulnay, 2005

France: Leaflet on 35 hour week, 2005 - Mouvement Communiste