Murray Bookchin

Building Free Life: Dialogues with Öcalan

Building Free Life: Dialogues with Öcalan

This book is a collection of essays from various scholars, examining different aspects of the theory and practice of Abdullah Öcalan's philosophy.

Which Way for the Ecology Movement?

Which Way for the Ecology Movement?

In the essays that make up this book, Murray Bookchin calls for a critical social standpoint that transcends both "biocentrism" and "ecocentrism." A call for new politics and ethics of complementarity, in which people, fighting for a free, nonhierarchical, and cooperative society, begin to play a creative role in natural evolution. Bookchin attacks the misanthropic notion that the environmental crisis is caused mainly by overpopulation or humanity's genetic makeup.

Archipelagic Confederation: An Anarchist Alternative for the Philippines

An anarchist proposal for an alternative to the Philippine nation-state organized through a confederation of communities. This proposal borrows heavily from the communalist framework of Murray Bookchin.

Social Ecology After Bookchin

A collection of essays critical of Bookchin.

Make Rojava Green Again

A pamphlet on social ecology in the context of the Democratic Federation in Northern Syria (Rojava).


Foreword written by Debbie Bookchin.