Reflections on the Student Movement in the UK

In 2010 the announcement by the Coalition government that university tuition fees would be tripled sparked a wave of student protest. Remaining largely within the confines of the campus, the movement exhausted itself and failed to spread to other sectors. Nine years later, what’s left?

In defence of smashed glass

In defence of smashed glass

Reflections on the demonstrations and occupations at the University of Sussex, and the wider issue of privatisation and marketisation of the education sector.

National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts - An insider perspective on the leftist dead end

With angry street protests spilling over into riots and occupations across the country, various groups are jostling for position as the self-appointed leadership of the movement. After the NUS made itself irrelevant in the wake of the Millbank Riot, the National Convention Against Fees And Cuts (NCAFC) took pole position.