NUS (seamen)

The seamen's strike, Liverpool 1966 - Tony Wailey

Scab beaten up and thrown into sea during 1966 seamen's strike

A personal account of a striker's experiences; describing working conditions on ship, strikers' solidarity, the smear techniques of the press and government, the capitulation of the union leadership etc.

No go, P&O! - Thames Valley Class Struggle Group

Leaflet produced as an intervention into the 1988-1989 strike by P&O ferry workers against attacks on their working conditions.

Strike Across The Empire, 1925 - Baruch Hirson and Lorraine Vivian

British seamen marching to jail in Wellington, New Zealand, September 1925.

A fascinating and detailed account of a little known international seamens' strike in 1925, lasting over 100 days and spreading from Britain to Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

1988-1989: P&O seafarers' strike

P&O strikers

The history of P&O shipping workers who struck against wage and job cuts for 16 months. The company tried to break the strike, the government requisitioned the union's funds. The union eventually ordered the strikers back to work, defeated.

Unholy alliance - The seamen's strike: an analysis - George Foulser

A stranded ship at Southampton

An article by George Fulser of the Syndicalist Workers Federation on the 1966 seaman's strike