Occupied California

Against Academic Alibis: The Best Education is the Struggle – George Ciccariello-Maher

Drawing on his experiences in the “cauldron of resistance” of Oakland, CA, George Ciccariello-Maher speaks on the relations between organizing in universities and struggles against police and prisons. Against academics’ use of alibis, such as ‘changing the world by teaching,’ to legitimize anything they do as a contribution to radical movements, he calls for academics to more clearly distinguish between their jobs and their political work.

Reanimating histories of struggle as weapons against neoliberalism – An Interview with Don Kingsbury

Reflecting on the building occupations at UC Santa Cruz in 2009-2010 and cross-pollination between student and worker struggles, Don Kingsbury highlights the need to excavate and reanimate histories of radical movements. Under the conditions of academic precarity, and against the neoliberal privatization of the general intellect, Don calls for turning communities of necessity into communities of resistance.

No conclusions when another world is unpopular

An assessment of sorts on the wave of occupations and protests in the University of California system during the fall of 2009.

Back to Mrak: an assessment

A piece looking back at an occupation at UC Davis in Fall of 2009, calling into question the point of negotiations between one side that has the police at their disposal and the other side, the students, who are unarmed.

Reflections on Kerr Hall (by student participants)

barricaded elevators and doors at Kerr Hall

An account of an occupation at UCSC in Fall of 2009.

Voices from Wheeler Hall

The following are excerpts from the zine that emerged from the occupation of Wheeler Hall at the University of California, Berkeley on November 20, 2009. The occupiers did not issue a communique; their opinions were so heterogeneous, and their action so spontaneous, that they opted for individual statements later compiled in a zine format. As the explanatory opening paragraph states, “What can be said is we want change. Nothing is over.”

A call to the future from in and around Occupied Wheeler

A description of the events that occurred at the November 20, 2009 occupation at UC Berkeley.

Carter-Huggins Hall: Occupation Statement and Post-Occupation Statement

Two communiques about a Fall 2009 occupation at UCLA.

The beatings will continue - Research and Destroy

A short piece on the response of police to the wave of occupations at the University of California in Fall 2009.