Occupy Wall Street

Are We An Occupation or Just a Gathering?

Text from a leaflet handed out at #OccupySTL by anarchists in St. Louis.

“Wall Street Protestors, Occupying Till Whenever”- NYT headline

Dear Occupiers: A letter from anarchists

Text from a flier produced by US anarchist group Crimethinc, for participants of the '#Occupy' movement.

Support and solidarity! We’re inspired by the occupations on Wall Street and elsewhere around the country. Finally, people are taking to the streets again! The momentum around these actions has the potential to reinvigorate protest and resistance in this country. We hope these occupations will increase both in numbers and in substance, and we’ll do our best to contribute to that.

Occupy Wall Street, A Love Affair


Doug Tarnopol assesses the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York City.

It all started in Paris. That’s where I first heard of Occupy Wall Street. My wife and I were on vacation in Europe for most of the month of September, enjoying the fruits of our luck and pluck. We’re not unemployed; we’re pretty much doing fine.

Meet Me In Occupy#St.Louis

Revolution Now!! Occupy STL Poster

This is a report from a friend in St.Louis, who wrote it as an email without having the idea of it being published; but since he said "do whatever you feel like doing with it", I'm putting it up. Particularly as nobody else has even mentioned St.Louis. It gives a good flavour of the contradictions and excitement of this small but volatile assembly.

Email, Wednesday 5th October:

What a madhouse.

Haven't seen anything like it before. It's unclear where it's at now. As I was leaving last night they evicted the plaza after 5 days occupation - arrested 5-15 people (who wished that fate upon themselves) with a grand show of police force (some 50+ squad cars - twice as many officers).

"Occupy Wall Street": Why the struggle must go beyond occupation

A friendly critique of the "Occupy" movements which urges the protesters to question their assumptions.

First of all, let me say I stand in full solidarity with the protesters; your actions have inspired us all and been the cause of some much-needed debate. It takes boldness and initiative to take these first steps, and you should be applauded for doing so. I believe all of you want a better world, a desire that I share with you.

Occupied Wall Street: Some Tactical Thoughts - Malcolm Harris

Malcolm Harris talks about some of the limitations he sees at the Occupy Wall Street protest in New York.

I’ve been to the encampment at Zuccotti Park a few times since the 17th, but I have never stayed that long. It’s not just cause I’d rather sleep in my room in Brooklyn on which I spend the vast majority of my income, but because I’m just not that into it.

Occupy Wall Street: Noooo, Canada! - Aalya Ahmad

An article addressing the often jaded response from the radical left on the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Nooooo, Canada!

IWW General Defense Committee Statement in Support of Occupy Wall Street

Solidarity statement from the General Defense Committee of the Industrial Workers of the World

The General Defense Committee of the Industrial Workers of the World stand in solidarity with our brave brothers and sisters at Occupy Wall Street. We denounce and detest the intimidation, harassment, and brutality exhibited by the New York Police. The actions of the police lay bare the true nature of Wall Street and Capitalism.

Occupy Wall Street: The protest's movement

Wall Street Protests

Marianne LeNabat analyzes the Occupy Wall Street movement in Manhattan, New York.

A group of protestors descended on Wall Street a week ago. Actually, that’s not true: they first gathered at Bowling Green, with some using the steps of the old Customs House as a dais to vocalize their discontent. A few hours later they began to migrate north.

Occupy Wall Street protests: discussion and updates

Occupy Wall Street demonstrators march

Thread for discussion and updates on the occupation of Wall Street and the related occupations in other towns and cities across the US.

This was originally a forum topic which stated the following:

There was suppose to be up to 10,000 people there to spark weeks long protest but....does anyone see it happening?