on-the-job action

1977: The great Northampton General Hospital lie in

A short history of a successful example of creative direct action against healthcare rationing in a British hospital.

Trinidad: Nurses on work-to-rule

Public Services Association president Jennifer Baptiste-Primus

Nurses have been told to work to rule at medical institutions from today.

Bin workers fight cuts with unofficial work to rule

Rubbish piles up in Breckland

Refuse collectors in Breckland began taking on-the-job action on Monday in a dispute over job cuts.

France: Sabotage at Renault factory

Workers at the Renault factory in Le Mans have been accused by management of sabotaging factory equipment.

Ireland: Nurses' rolling strikes continue

Striking nurses in Dublin on strike last week

Nurses across Ireland are taking strike action to support their claim for a 10% pay rise and a 35 hour week.

Civil servants strike over pay

Over 20,000 civil servants are on strike or taking action short of strike today in a row over pay.

Direct action victory on health and safety at Starbucks, 2006

Making work safer through direct action - Daniel Gross and Joe Tessone recount the actions of workers winning a small but significant victory on health and safety at a Chicago Starbucks outlet in 2006.

Postal worker facing sack for refusing to deliver homophobic pamphlet

A letter carrier in Canada who refused to deliver a homophobic pamphlet for Canada Post in late October is facing disciplinary action, as colleagues took a short wildcat strike in protest.

Ireland bus fare-free day, 2003

Whistle-blowing guide

Sometimes simply telling people the truth about what goes on at work can put a lot of pressure on the boss. This page contains information on using information to winning improvements at work.